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Everything ended smoothly that day. After the shooting had finished, Xu Xiyan went to the “Root of Evil” set.

Ma Haodong was shooting a murder scene where he was dissecting a woman.

Ma Haodong’s acting was definitely top-notch, and his expressions and emotions were all on point. He was like a real sociopath on stage.

Ma Haodong finished the scene and his manager, Ms. Song, handed him a towel.

He wiped the fake blood off his hands and noticed Xu Xiyan standing in the crowd. Just as he was about to walk over to her, Ms. Song stopped him and said, “Haodong, we still have an interview later, hurry up and prepare.”

Ms. Song had already noticed Xu Xiyan was in the crowd and guessed that she was here to meet Ma Haodong. Yet because of the scandal, she did not want the celebrity to have any relationship with a C-class actress.

“Okay. My friend’s here, I’ll go say hello,” Ma Haodong said and left, ignoring his manager.

He stopped in front of Xu Xiyan and said, “Jing Xi! You’re out of the hospital already? And I was thinking of visiting you at the hospital later today too…”

Xu Xiyan was happy to see Ma Haodong and praised his acting. “Damn, your acting is so good!”

“Thank you.” Ma Haodong scratched his head awkwardly.

“Hey, you got into the scandal because you helped me, and that caused a ton of your fans to leave you, I’m really sorry about that.”

“That’s nothing. The scandal will blow over in a few days. My fans will naturally return after that.”

“I know, but I also heard that you argued with the director because of me. I’m afraid that it might affect your career.”

Ma Haodong was born with a golden spoon in his hand, and he’d never cared about that kind of stuff. He pulled his hair back and smiled. “Whatever, I don’t really care about that.

Even if his career in the showbiz was over, he could still go back and inherit his family business. He would even dare those higher-ups to ban him.

Xu Xiyan couldn’t help but appreciate his generosity. “Thank you, really. I’ll never forget this!”

“Don’t worry about it,” Ma Haodong said with a smile.

Xu Xiyan took out the 2,500 Yuan from Xu Xinrou and handed it to Ma Haodong. “Oh, this is for the hospital fees.”

Ma Hadong did not take the money and said, “Come on, we’re friends. I’m going to get angry if you insist I take these.”

Ma Haodang’s family was loaded with money, and he believed that if he could help a friend by spending a little on them, then it was worth it.

“But I can’t just let you pay…” Xu Xiyan knew that Ma Haodong was rich, but she still insisted on returning the favor.

Ma Haodong finally gave in and said, “How ’bout this…don’t pay me back the money. Instead, treat me to a meal.”

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