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The celebrity car drove to Jingyue Entertainment and they returned to the company. Mr. Tang Nade, the role being occupied by Tang Yichen, was waiting in the office. Upon seeing Xiao Yuqian, he shook hands with her kindly.

“Great! Really great! Welcome Miss Xiao Yuqian! With you joining, our Jingyue Entertainment team has expanded tremendously!”

Xu Xiyan chuckled in her mind.

Three people expanding to four people, a tremendous expansion indeed.

“Mr. Tang, I would have to trouble you from now on,” Xiao Yuqian said.

“Of course, we all belong to the same company. Since you’re back, my job here is done.”

After Tang Yichen finished shaking hands, he explained to Jing Xi, “Jing Xi, the company will be managed by Xiao Yuqian since she’s back. Just look for her if there’s anything you need.”

“Mr. Tang, I don’t really understand what you mean. Are you saying that Qianqian will replace you as the CEO?” Xu Xiyan asked with surprise.

“That’s correct. This company will be handed over to her, I have other businesses to manage.”


It can be done this way?

Xu Xiyan understood now that Jingyue Entertainment would still be a company of three this way.

Company owners like them are truly willful.

Tang Yichen did not want to continue to be Tang Nade anymore. It was originally a promise to Huo Yunshen, to cameo as the CEO of the new company temporarily.

Now that Xiao Yuqian was back to take over Jingyue Entertainment, his mission had been accomplished, and he could return to his position of First Legal Consultant at Yunhai Entertainment.

Even though Jingyue Entertainment was now just a company of three, no one would have expected that such a small company would complete acquisition of Juxing Entertainment in the near future, and become a big company that was on par with Yunhai Entertainment.

Years later, Xu Xiyan came to understand how wise she’d been to enter the company and follow the right person.

That is, of course, a story for later.

Xu Xiyan wanted to treat Xiao Yuqian to dinner, for it was such a rare reunion. She wanted to invite Tang Nade and Wan Dou, but Tang Yichen was eager to go home and accompany his wife, so he turned down the invite. It was just Wan Dou and the two of them for dinner.

In the private room of Peijing’s renowned Red Palace Restaurant, the three chatted merrily while waiting for their food to be served.

In the midst of chatting, Xu Xiyan’s phone rang. She took it out and saw the name “Haodong” on the caller ID.

Xu Xiyan stood up from her seat and walked to the window to pick up the call. As the call was connected, Ma Haodong’s worried voice could be heard on the other end of the line.

“Jing Xi! Jing Xi, are you all right? Where are you now?

“I’m fine. I’m pretty good now. I’m currently having dinner outside with my friends.”

“I’ve seen all the scandalous news stories, I did not expect it to be so serious. I’m so sorry, Jing Xi! I explained

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