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“Let go of me!” Xiao Yuqian shouted as she pushed Ma Haodong away. She kept her distance and averted her gaze from his. “Please keep your distance, I have nothing more to say to you.”

Xiao Yuqian quickly left the bathroom and went back to their table.


Xiao Yuqian heard Ma Haodong calling to her with a weak voice, but she kept on walking.

Ma Haodong watched her back as she went and said, “It’s been six years since that, can’t you forgive me?”

Xiao Yuqian did not turn around and replied with a cracked voice, “No.”

Xiao Yuqian would never forget what hap happened six years ago, no matter how much time had passed.

She could still remember that incident whenever she closed her eyes.

It had been haunting her for the past six years and would continue to haunt her, maybe for the rest of her life.

She closed her eyes and tried to get rid of the demon that was haunting her. She opened her eyes after a few seconds and left without turning back.

Ma Haodong was left standing there as he punched the wall. Blood began to drip from his hand and stained the white mosaic tile.

What should I do?

Can we never get back to how we were?

Ma Haodong returned to their table and kept drinking.

Even if he was a well-known celebrity, he was still a human with emotions.

And like any human, he would try to drown his sadness with alcohol. Xu Xiyan would do the same thing if she was in his spot.

Xu Xiyan tried to stop him but gave up after trying two times. Ma Haodong lay on the table, drunk, after finishing two bottles of wine.

“Jing Xi, do Xiao Ma and our boss have a past? They’re like rivals or something. Our boss didn’t even come back after she went to the toilet, and Xiao Ma is lying here unconscious,” Wan Dou said.

Xu Xiyan sighed as she looked at Ma Haodong. She thought that he was a playboy and it surprised her to see him showing such emotion.

“What should we do?” Wan Dou asked. “He’s completely out.”

Good question…

It’ll be hard to bring him back by ourselves…

Xu Xiyan thought.

I could bring him home, but we might get caught by paparazzi.

And Huo Yunshen might mistake us as a couple.

What worried Xu Xiyan the most was the latter. She wouldn’t mind how the world treated her, but the most important thing to her was Huo Yunshen’s opinion about her.

“Do you know how to drive?” Xu Xiyan asked Wan Dou.


“Good, then we’ll drive him to a nearby hotel. I can’t drive since I’ve drank some wine too.”

The only thing she could do was send him to a nearby hotel for the night.

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