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The girl named Jing Xi, who had just entered the entertainment circle, had already been targeted and had her reputation tainted.

If no one was going to help her in time, it was very likely that she would fall into an even more unbearable situation, or even trap herself in a bottomless abyss.

She had seen too many examples of actors who had been attacked and oppressed because they had offended someone. It was a common case.

Herself included. She had gone through the same troubles back in the day.

Qi Liya sighed softly and turned to her assistant Xiao Ke. “Go and do it according to my instructions.”

“Yes, Miss Qi.”

Xiao Ke obeyed and left to settle the task.

Qi Liya decided to give Jing Xi a hand because she knew that everyone in the crew had been bribed and influenced by Xu Xinrou and Chu Yuhe.

The incident that had happened on the set that day was quickly kept hushed up. Other than the photos of Ma Haodong carrying Xu Xiyan, nothing else had leaked out.

In other words, the public did not know the truth as to why Ma Haodong had carried Jing Xi that day.

She now wanted to be the one to expose the truth.

Thanks to Chu Yuhe and Xu Xinrou’s plotting, rumors of Ma Haodong and Jing Xi, as well as her sugar daddy, had gone viral on the internet. Everyone was criticizing Xu Xiyan.

Her Weibo account, “Jing Gongzi,” was filled with all kinds of hate and rubbish comments.

When the situation had seemed hopeless, a 2-minute video clip accompanied by a short persuasive description of several hundred words was posted onto the Internet and quickly attracted the attention of netizens.

The video was recorded with a mobile phone and the picture quality was clear. The time of recording was displayed on the video clip and it was clear that it was recorded on the set.

The video was sped up and clearly showed the scene at the time. Xu Xiyan was kicked down the stairs at least three times for three retakes. During the last retake, when she was kicked down the steps by Xu Xinrou, she went into shock. Then Ma Haodong rushed into the set and carried the unconscious girl away.

Anyone who saw the video would clearly see that Ma Haodong was trying to help Jing Xi, not show his affection for her.

The video gave those prejudiced fans and netizens a good face-slapping and proved them wrong.

[Oh sh*t, is Xu Xinrou being too hard-handed? She kicked Jing Xi and made her faint.]

[Jing Xi went into shock on the spot. If Ma Haodong hadn’t gotten her to the hospital in time, she might’ve lost her life. This is a matter of life and death. Those who were criticizing Jing Xi for seducing little Ma, show yourselves!]

[This is not a show of affection, Ma Haodong was clearly being a hero for saving her. If it was me, I would have rushed over to save her too.]

[Little Ma is so great!]

[Have we been misunderstanding Jing Xi? She doesn’t look so bad after all.]

[Are we being misled by the media?]

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