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After Zhao Ruiqi had left, Xu Xiyan began to think about everything that had happened.

The staff didn’t tell me anything about any new scenes for me, so someone must be spreading fake news about me!

Well, whatever, let them do what they want.

After she’d changed her clothes, she went to have her makeup removed by Linda. She checked social media during the process and noticed the presence of her haters had increased.

Some were there for the story while the others were there to blow off some steam.

There were many comments, and most of them were bad ones. They questioned her, scolded her, and even suspected her; not one of them was supporting her.

Should I just delete my account?

Maybe not…

Xu Xiyan had already prepared for the worst before she decided to enter showbiz.

This is just one of the trials that I’ll have to go through.

This is how I get stronger.

Just as she was getting lost in her thoughts, one of the staff members, Xiao Ge, came in and handed her something. “Jing Xi, there’s something for you.”

It was a long white box, and inside it was a medicine for bruises.

There was also a card in it. Medicine for bruises, use it, the card read.

It sounded like some cheesy advertisement, but Xu Xiyan recognized the writing.

It was Huo Yunshen. Only he would care this much about her.

It was a simple sentence, but it was filled with love.

Even if her chest was still in pain from the bruises, the medicine gave her warmth and eased the pain.

What a caring prince charming!

Even if everyone hated her or misunderstood the situation, it was still worth it for Xu Xiyan as long as Huo Yunshen still believed in her.

As soon as Xu Xiyan walked out of the studio, she was surrounded by a massive crowd.

Just as she’d expected, the scandal had made her famous.

Yet, the fame was not what she wanted.

The crowd was mainly formed by reporters and paparazzi. All of them were there to interview her about the scandal.

“Miss Jing Xi, is it true that you’re a mistress to a married man?”

“Jing Xi, is it true that you used to smoke and fight in high school?”

“Jing Xi, please comment on the rumor that you used to have a child with some millionaire.”

“What is your relationship with one of Yunhai Entertainment’s higher ups?”

“How did you get a spot in ‘Red Sleeved Beauty’ without going through the audition?”

The questions kept on coming, and Xu Xiyan guessed that more fake news about her had already been spread online.

She had no idea how to answer all of the questions, She was pushed around by the reporters and almost lost her footing.

Suddenly, a van stopped nearby, and a few men came down. They were all dressed in dark suits as they opened up a path for Xu Xiyan.

A girl came running down from the van and took Xu Xiyan’s hand. “Jing Xi, over here,” she said.

Xu Xiyan raised her head and noticed it was Wan Dou and understood that Jingyue E

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