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Xu Xiyan did not wait for Huo Yunshen to reply. She walked towards the kitchen and asked, “What do you want to eat?”

“Noodles. I still want noodles,” Huo Yunshen said while looking at her back.

“Okay, give me 10 minutes,” Xu Xiyan said with a smile.

Xu Xiyan finished cooking two Stewed Meat Noodles in 10 minutes, and they ate together.

To Huo Yunshen, the love he was feeling was enough to fill his stomach.

As long as he was together with Xu Xiyan, he didn’t care what he was eating, even drinking water was enough for him as long as they were together.

Xu Xiyan helped him with his massage and went back into her own house.

The next day, after a good night’s rest, Xu Xiyan went to the set. She got a call from Fang Xiaocheng on her way, and Fang Xiaocheng shouted, “Yanyan! Yanyan! You’re on the headline!”

“What headline?” Xu Xiyan hadn’t had the time to check the news.

“You better look at it, yourself, I have no idea what to say anymore,” Fang Xiaocheng said and hung up. She was already furious at the reporters who wrote the news.

Why do people keep trying to hurt Yanyan?

Why do they keep trying to frame her?

Xu Xiyan stopped at the studio and checked her social media. A new hot topic had appeared.

[#Ma Haodong’s girlfriend scandal: selling her body for fame?]

[#Ma Haodong’s girlfriend, Jing Xi’s sugar daddy.]

[#Jing Xi ‘s secret boyfriend?]

[#Ma Haodong just got cheated on.]

Wait, what and what?

How did I just become Ma Haodong’s girlfriend?

And what’s with the cheating and sugar daddy stuff?

Xu Xiyan clicked on one of the headlines and saw a blurry photo. In it was a girl in a sexy nightgown lying on a bed decorated with roses.

Xu Xiyan knew straight away what the photo was. It was from the day that Xu Jinshan knocked her out and gave her as a gift to Huo Yunshen.

Even though the photo was blurry, it wasn’t hard to piece together who it was. Her face was unique, and it was easy for people to guess that it was her.

The description under the photo mentioned that Jing Xi was on a date with a man at Kai Yue’r Hotel, and the supposed “date” was someone who had authority within the entertainment industry. They even stayed at the hotel for the night.

Other than that, the report also mentioned that Xu Xiyan got her part in “Red Sleeved Beauty” without going through the audition, and only someone who had sold her body to a higher-up could achieve that.

People began to guess who Xu XIyan’s date was.

There were only two people who fit the description. It was either the CEO of Yunhai Entertainment, Huo Yunshen, or the vice-president, Huo Jingtang.

Most people had guessed that it was Huo Jingtang because of Huo Yunshen’s unique situation.

Since the news mentioned Ma Haodong and the top dog of the entertainment industry, the scandal took over social media instantly.

[Jing Xi sure is something! First it’s Ma Haodong, then it’s someone who has the h

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