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But he just had to return to Zstan.

At first, because of Huo Yunshen’s car accident and the fact that he’d become disabled, many of the shareholders had proposed that Huo Jingtang take over the company, and his grandfather would’ve certainly agreed to it. But eventually, they only gave him the temporary post of acting president.

They should have asked themselves: How much hard work and effort had he put into Yunhai Entertainment Group? All of his youth and blood were spent for that company, but what happened in the end?

They let Huo Yunshen simply waltz in and take the president post.

Huo Yunshen had always used “Grandpa’s will” as an excuse. But only he would know the truth of whether it was really his grandfather’s will or his own!

Huo Jingtang looked at Huo Yunshen piercingly and said nothing. Then he turned to leave, slamming the door behind him.

The two brothers left each other on a bad note. Huo Yunshen sighed and rubbed his tired eyes.

Yunhai Entertainment was divided into two factions. One group consisted of long-time shareholders who supported Huo Yunshen’s grandfather and himself, and the other consisted of new shareholders who supported the vice president, Huo Jingtang.

Huo Jingtang had made many connections in Yunhai Entertainment and now he was strong enough to challenge Huo Yunshen.

His grandfather had often said that when the two brothers were united, nothing would stop them.

But now the two brothers would never return to their carefree childhood selves, and the distance between them continued growing as they drifted further and further apart.

Many times, Huo Yunshen had wondered if giving up the position of president would result in him having a big brother who really cared for him.

At the film studios, the fans were still causing trouble.

Xu Xiyan didn’t have an assistant or a manager. Nobody would help her.

It took her a lot of time before she could escape the crazy fangirls and return to the set.

The dressing room was particularly lively. When Xu Xiyan came in, Wen Li was telling everyone an exaggerated story of how the fans had struck Xu Xiyan with eggs. Zhao Ruiqi and others relished the tale as they listened, overjoyed.

When they saw Xu Xiyan come in, they all stopped talking and went back to their business.

Wen Li wanted to upset Xu Xiyan and deliberately asked her, “Oh, Jing Xi! What happened to you? Why have you come to the set with egg all over your head?”

Xu Xiyan’s eyes were sharp as knives as she shoved Wen Li away and went straight to Xu Xinrou. She kicked over a stool that was beside her.

“Xu Xinrou!” she said angrily. “This is all your doing, isn’t it? You deliberately made those scandals to smear my name, didn’t you?”

The director, Huang Guoqiang, had asked her to stay away from trouble, but she could not stand it anymore.

The more tolerant she was, the more Xu Xinrou would oppress her.

Wen Li was eager to protect her b

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