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The severity of the poisoning case that happened last time was nothing to sneeze at and yet it didn’t drive her out of the entertainment circle. Xu Xinrou had to admit that Xu Xiyan’s luck was just too good.

She had successfully cleared her name from being a murderer and also managed to rejoin the shoot without trouble.

Xu Xinrou really wanted to know: what kind of capabilities did Xu Xiyan have that she was able to overcome her difficulties again and again?

She loaded up the voting page for the new lead actress of “The Root of Evil.” Xu Xinrou noticed that Jing Xi, who had been in third place three days ago, had now surpassed the second-place candidate and was closing in fast on first place.

My god. With that kind of momentum, Xu Xiyan would most likely be chosen after the end of the voting.

What if Xu Xiyan took over as lead actress in that film and became famous overnight?

No, no, no. Xu Xinrou mustn’t let it happen, and at this moment, she already had a plan in mind.

When Xu Xiyan came over to look for Linda for her makeup, Xu Xinrou pretended to be concerned and asked her, “Jing Xi, how have you been lately? I was absent for the shoot last time and I didn’t realize that a lot has happened to you.”

Xu Xiyan glanced at her and sneered inwardly. Haha! She must have been secretly happy when she saw her getting entangled with the murder case.

Yet right now, she was still able to put on a sympathetic face. How impressive!

“Thank you for your concern, Senior. I heard that you’ve taken time off. You must’ve gone on a vacation? Was President Chu with you? Did you guys have a good time?”

“Hehe, it wasn’t bad.”

Xu Xinrou didn’t expect that she would suddenly ask this question and her face flushed with guilt. Since when did she go traveling with Chu Yuhe?

If she was found to have been “booked” by Mr. Lee of Lianzhong for a week, she may be finished.

Linda was going to do Xu Xiyan’s makeup so they did not continue their conversation. Xu Xinrou was afraid that Xu Xiyan was going to continue to spew more nonsense so she got up and left the dressing room.

The morning’s shoot had gone smoothly. After they were done with the shoot, Xu Xinrou called out to Xu Xiyan.

Xu Xiyan looked at her, puzzled, and asked, “What’s the matter, Senior Xu?”

There were no other people around. Xu Xinrou said, “Yanyan, I have to tell you something. Grandpa is ill.”

“What? Grandpa is ill? What kind of illness? Is it serious? Have you all taken him to the hospital?”

When Xu Xiyan heard that her grandfather was ill, she became particularly worried.

Xu Xinrou knew that she could use her grandfather as a trump card. She deliberately kept Xu Xiyan in the dark about him. “It’s quite serious. You should go back and see him!”

Xu Xinrou turned and left after she finished. Xu Xiyan was getting very worried.

What is Grandpa’s condition?

Did Su Rui abuse him again?

Have they called a doctor to co

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