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The couple could not help but involve the past whenever they quarreled. As long as Chen Yunlu was reminded of the things that had happened in the past, she would feel anger welling up in her chest and become very angry.

“Shut up! You’re simply unreasonable!”

Huo Zhen could not stand her anymore. He immediately stood up and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

As long as Chen Yunlu did not bring up the past, Huo Zhen would spoil and obey her. But once the thorn in his heart was meddled with, his temper would flare.

“You dare say I am unreasonable? Hey! Huo Zhen! Come back here…”

Chen Yunlu was furious. Her son had rebelled against her and now, her husband was opposing her too, all because of that demoness Jing Xi.

The reason why Chen Yunlu hated Jing Xi so much was not only because she had misunderstood Jing Xi and thought her to be cheating, and was disgusted by the way Jing Xi had clashed with her when they had met last time. The biggest reason was Jing Xi’s face; it reminded her of that woman from those years.

Although that woman had been dead for more than ten years, she still felt uneasy whenever she thought about it.

The most despicable thing was that she was dead, and yet still lived in her husband’s heart.


As Huo Yunshen listened to his parents quarreling in front of him in the ward, he could not describe what he was feeling inside.

He could not help but be reminded of his childhood by this scene. His parents had often quarreled and even threatened to divorce. His mother had often cried and raged and threatened to commit suicide. She had even taken him out of the country with her in a fit of pique.

He never knew the real reason for their quarrels. He only knew that it was because of his father, who seemed to be keeping another woman in his heart, one who was his first love.

He wondered what kind of woman could make his father unable to forget about her…

After Xu Xiyan returned to the base, she spent the night wallowing in depression, various thoughts running rampant in her mind. But the next morning when she got up, she pulled herself together and prepared to cook some porridge.

She kept thinking about Huo Yunshen in her heart. He had suffered such a heavy injury and at the moment he could only eat something light and digestible. Even though she was unable to go into the ward to visit Huo Yunshen, she hoped that he could eat something made by herself.

Xu Xiyan carefully prepared the porridge and poured it into a thermos jar. She was ready to leave but Xe Yun stopped her.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going for a walk.”

Xu Xiyan did not tell Ye Xun the truth and hid the thermos jar behind her.

“What are you hiding? Let me see!”

Ye Xun had already learned what she was up to. He snatched the thermos jar directly from her hands.

“Hey! Give it back!”

Xu Xiyan tried to take the thermos jar back from him but she was unsuccessfu

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