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The two bullets that he had taken for Xu Xiyan back in Estan had affected his body badly. There had been hope for his body to fully recover, but now, it had become worse.

He could only lie in bed all day. If it weren’t for the need to do a CT scan, he may not have gotten the chance to leave his house.

As for matters related to JS, they were all being taken care of by Yi Xiao. All of Yunhai’s affairs were entrusted to his big brother, Huo Jingtang. What could he do now?

He could only wait for his death.

Huo Yunshen was wheeled out of the CT scan room. Huo Jingtang, who had been waiting outside, came over to help. He joined the nurse and they wheeled Huo Yunshen to the ground floor.

“Big brother, you’re busy with the company. You don’t have to accompany me personally,” Huo Yunshen said.

“It’s fine. There is nothing more important than you,” Huo Jingtang said earnestly. In the eyes of outsiders, he looked perfectly like a caring elder brother.

He escorted Huo Yunshen out of the hospital and into the car, then ordered his staff to send him back to the Huo family mansion safely.

He made an excuse that he needed to return to the company first and bid Huo Yunshen goodbye. He waited for the car to drive away, then returned to the rehabilitation center to look for Professor Qin.

The results of the CT scan were out and he wanted to know Huo Yunshen’s real situation.

Qin Kun took out Huo Yunshen’s diagnosis report and handed it to Huo Jingtang. “Yunshen’s situation is not very good. There was great hope for him to walk again, but his recent injuries have once again damaged his bones and muscles. I’m afraid…”

Although Qin Kun had not yet finished his words, Huo Jingtang already understood what he meant. After hearing the good news, a smug smile appeared on his face.

He patted Qin Kun’s shoulder and laughed, “This is God’s will!”

It was God who had been helping him, causing Huo Yunshen to become injured again so he could never walk again. This meant that Huo Jingtang was another big step closer to becoming the heir of the Huo family.

Qin Kun did not share the same sentiments with Huo Jingtang. He knew that Huo Jingtang would gloat in it. He said quietly, “Vice President Huo, for the time being, you shouldn’t tell Yunshen about this as to avoid causing an even bigger blow to him.”

“I know.” Huo Jingtang pretended to agree, but deep down he had other plans.

It was best if it could strike a fatal blow Huo Yunshen. It was best not to let him rise again and to let him falter away, and he would eventually become a useless cripple for good.

Xu Xiyan had taken leave from her shoot and prepared a meal for her grandfather.

Mrs. Dong, the caretaker Xu Xiyan had hired, was a very good and responsible person. She had been looking after the elderly man with great care and Xu Xiyan felt very assured leaving her grandfather with her whenever she needed to be somewhere else.

In the evening, th

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