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Su Rui had had enough of her nonsense. “You brat, you’re repaying kindness with ingratitude! All this while the Xu family raised you, and yet you had the gall to beat up your father. I’m going to call the police and I’ll have them arrest you so you could go to jail!”

Xu Xiyan was not flustered at all as she explained, “Oh, hold it right there, Aunt Su! There’s something I have to make it clear. He is not my father. How could I have a scumbag monster of a father like him? Also, you should do the math: if I’m going to jail after beating him up once, then how many years should he be in jail after beating me up for so many times and for so many years?”

“…” Su Rui suddenly looked like a deflated ball and her face was fouler than a turd.

She thought about it carefully, and indeed, it was true. Xu Jinshan had a full twelve-year history of abusing Xu Xiyan. If this matter was to be reported to the police, she was afraid that Xu Jinshan may have to be jailed for a long time.

Xu Xiyan squatted in front of her and grabbed her hair, catching her off-guard. She yanked Su Rui’s hair back, causing her to let out a gasp in pain.

Xu Xiyan raised a hand. Slap! Slap! Su Rui received two slaps.

Su Rui covered her face in pain and cried out with her eyes wide, “You dare hit me?!”

“Yes, I’ve wanted to hit you for a long time.”

Xu Xiyan ground her teeth. She gave Su Rui no chance to speak and immediately struck her face again, slapping her left and right.

In no time, Su Rui’s fair and delicate face became red and swollen and she was seeing stars. She was going berserk with pain. “Xu Xiyan! You ungrateful little wolf! You dare repay kindness with ingratitude…”

“Tell me, what exactly has the Xu family done for me? I want to hear all about it,” Xu Xiyan asked condescendingly as she released Su Rui.

All this time, Su Rui had never treated her well. If it wasn’t for this foxy bitch, her mother wouldn’t have suffered so much grief.

“Oh god, this is a total revolt…”

Extremely terrified, Su Rui attempted to crawl out of the room to escape and look for help.

Xu Xiyan kicked her back to Xu Jinshan’s side, then began to unleash hell onto her.

When Xu Xiyan had had enough, Su Rui was already lying curled up beside Xu Jinshan, fresh blood running out from her mouth.

“Aunt Su, how does it feel being in the show after watching from the sides for so many years?”

In those years, whenever Xu Xiyan was being beaten, Su Rui and Xu Xinrou would always stand aside and watch the good show from the start till the end.

Moreover, Xu Xiyan’s beatings were mostly incited by the mother and daughter.

“Help… I want to call the police… I want the police to arrest you…”

Su Rui thought that Xu Xiyan was going to kill her and she had to call the police.

She struggled to reach for her mobile phone, but it ended up being kicked far away by Xu Xiyan, and then she viciously stomped on her hand.

Xu Xiyan looked complete

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