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Xu Xiyan stopped in her tracks. She glared coldly at the nagging old lady and sneered in her heart.

She had heard plenty of such derogatory words before.

This visually challenged old lady had always looked down on her and her mother.

When she came to think about it, she realized that in her painful past of one or two decades, much of her pain was caused by this old lady.

Although respecting the old and loving the young is a traditional virtue, Xu Xiyan could not bring herself to respect the old lady.

She stood in the old lady’s way and sneered, “That’s right, madam. I’m a troublemaker and a natural-born bringer of bad luck. I just couldn’t compare to my sister and I’m not as pleasant as her. I’m afraid that I’ll never learn to be a good human being in this lifetime.”

The old lady shot an angry look at her. “I don’t like listening to your words, girl. You said that you broke off from your family. Why did you come back?

Xu Xiyan smiled and told her, “No particular reason. I just wanted to give my regards to your son and your daughter-in-law, and also wouldn’t want to forget an undying old zombie like you. When are you going to visit Hades?”

“…” Madam Xu almost vomited blood. She pointed a trembling finger at Xu Xiyan but she was stunned speechless.

“Well, I’m done with my business here. Time to leave with Grandpa.”

Xu Xiyan brushed past the old lady and walked towards the stairs.

After Madam Xu regained her wits, she went into the study to find her son, complaining, “How preposterous! How outrageous! Jinshan! Go take care of that brat! She’s really revolting against us!”

As soon she entered the study, she saw two people with bruises all over lying in a pool of blood. Oh my god, were the two lying on the ground still her son and daughter-in-law?

Xu Xiyan was going downstairs when she heard someone behind her screaming like a pig in a slaughterhouse. “Oh my god! There was murder in the house! Someone’s been killed!”

She turned to look. Madam Xu had thrown her walking stick away and scrambled out of the study towards her. Seeing that Xu Xiyan had yet to leave, she chased after her and shouted, “You bastard! Stand right there for me! What have you done to them?”

Xu Xiyan ignored her and went straight downstairs.

Madam Xu chased after her but when she came to the stairs, she misjudged her step and lost her footing. She fell, rolling like a ball all the way down the stairs.

She kept rolling until her head hit the wall, and stopped right at Xu Xiyan’s feet.

The old woman had a great fall and now lay moaning on the ground in pain. She reached out to grasp Xu Xiyan’s ankles, begging her for help.

Xu Xiyan took a step back and giggled, “Oh my, Madam Xu, have you been watching Stephen Chow’s movies recently? And you’ve even learned his invincible wheels of fire stunt? Wow, your old bones are really tough, I’m impressed. I think you can definitely live longer than a tortoise, and at

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