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Could this be her mother’s diary?

Would there be any valuable information recorded inside?

After removing the old password lock with a pair of pliers, Xu Xiyan slowly opened the diary.

The yellowed paper exuded a musty smell. On the flyleaf of the diary, Xu Xiyan spotted a line of her mother’s delicate handwriting.

[In the dark of the night, the moon rises high]

In the diary, Xu Xiyan discovered her mother’s secret.

It could be said that the diary had truthfully recorded her emotional entanglements with three men in her best years.

H, a man who was forced to break up with her due to a misunderstanding. F, her true love who had been unable to be with her despite loving each other. Lastly, X, a gentleman who turned out to be the destroyer of her life.

Xu Xiyan didn’t know who H and F were, but according to the contents in the diary, she was sure that X was Xu Jinshan.

Because in the other half of the diary, the contents were mostly all about X’s abusive behavior at home.

Many times, her mother had written in the diary in desperation:

[What is the meaning of living this way? I wanted to die together with X. But I can’t bear to leave my daughter. What is she going to do when I’m dead? Who is going to raise her?]

[No, I cannot die. I have to live on. So what if I suffer? I know F will find out the truth one day, and he will come and look for me.]

[He has become more and more violent and wanted to kill me. If I don’t obey him, he will expose my affairs with F to the public. No, I mustn’t let F come to harm.]

[As long I dare resist him, he will take action against my family. I must not risk it. I must not burden my parents. Maybe I could run away from Peijing, but, I know I can’t escape. They’re always monitoring me… I have no freedom at all.]

Xu Xiyan closed the diary, her face was wet with tears. Her mother had filled the diary with her sorrowful past of blood and tears. She couldn’t bear to look at it anymore.

She knew that even in the most desperate moments, her mother had never thought about taking her own life for real. Because of F, she had chosen to live on in humiliation.

No wonder that when she was a child, her mother had told her not to tell her maternal grandfather and the rest of his family about Xu Jinshan’s domestic abuse. It was because she wanted to protect F.

What her mother didn’t realize was her suffering in silence to please everyone would cost her her life in the end.

Right now, what Xu Xiyan really wanted to know was: since F was her biological father, where was he now?

Xu Xiyan could not figure out the mystery in a short time, so she put the diary into her bag and planned to investigate later.

She got out of the attic and went downstairs. There was a touch of ruthlessness and fierceness in her eyes as she made her way towards Xu Jinshan’s study.

After learning about her mother’s death, and that the direct murderer was Xu Jinshan, the o

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