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In her earlier years, her grandfather was the only one who had truly loved her. Whenever Su Rui locked her up and starved her, it was the old man who had been sneaking in food for her.

If it weren’t for her grandfather’s care and protection, she may have already been tortured to death.

Now her grandfather was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and it was so serious that Xu Xiyan could not just let it be.

She asked Ye Xun to send them to the First People’s Hospital. After completing the hospitalization procedure, she got a neurologist to conduct a comprehensive examination for the elderly man first.

The results of the doctor’s examination concluded that the old man was very sick and needed supplementary psychotherapy and drug treatment. He also needed the support of his family members to help him train and strengthen his daily living skills and memory.

Since Xu Xiyan had to return to the set to resume her shoot, she hired a professional caretaker to look after him. Whenever she had free time, she would come and keep the old man company.

In the same hospital, the three members of the Xu family had undergone emergency treatment and were out of critical condition. They were sent to the intensive care unit.

Due to the old lady’s old age, she had a comminuted fracture on her spine after falling down from the stairs. She had fallen into a vegetative state and became incontinent.

The doctor said that the old lady would be bedridden for the rest of her life.

After receiving a notice from the hospital, Xu Xinrou rushed to the hospital after her shoot.

In the ward, Xu Jinshan and his wife were lying on the bed. Their faces were swollen like a big pig’s head and covered with dark bruises all over, their wrists and chest wrapped with bandages. They looked like they’d just come back from the frontlines of a war.

She was shocked at how miserable her parents looked and said, “Dad, Mom, what happened to you two? How did you get hurt so badly?”

Su Rui told her angrily, “Who else but that bastard Xu Xiyan? She was the one who beat me and your father up like this.”

“Xu Xiyan? She dared to hit you both?”

It was as if Xu Xinrou had heard a joke told by the universe. In her impression, it was Xu Jinshan who had always been beating up Xu Xiyan.

“Yes, it was her! She came home today and beat us up badly. She also pushed your grandmother down the stairs.”

“No way!”

Xu Xinrou couldn’t believe it. She had already planned it all out with her father. She had wanted to use her grandfather’s sickness as an excuse to lure Xu Xiyan back to the Xu family house, then let her father bait her with some acting gigs.

According to logic, she should be grateful that she was offered some roles. Why would she beat up someone over that?

They gave her respect and yet she didn’t want it. What an ungrateful person!

After thinking for a moment, Xu Xinrou frowned and took out her mobile phone. She ground her teeth

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