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Last time, they were quarreling over Jing Xi and their friendship had reached the point of breaking. How did they become friends again today?

Huo Yunshen was resting with his eyes closed. Upon hearing Ye Xun’s voice, his eyes shot open and looked over at him sharply. He asked warily, “What are you doing here?”

“You’re hospitalized. Of course I’m here to visit you. What else would I be here for?” Ye Xun said matter-of-factly and with the tone of a good friend.

Seeing that the two of them seemed to have reconciled, Chen Yunlu too behaved accordingly in an amiable manner. “Mr. Ye, since you’re here, you can keep Yunshen company and chat with him. I’ll go for a walk outside.”

“Okay. Don’t worry, Auntie, I’ll stay with him here,” Ye Xun smiled as if he was harmless.

After his mother left, Huo Yunshen inquired, “Mr. Ye, Jing Xi… Is she okay?”

The sunny smile on Ye Xun’s face faded away and he sneered icily, “Still concerned about my wife? Let me tell you. She’s the one who asked me to come.”

“She…” Huo Yunshen wanted to know if Xu Xiyan had anything to say to him.

“She’s fine. However,” Ye Xun came closer to the bed and suddenly grabbed Huo Yunshen’s collar. He gritted his teeth as he spoke, “I warn you, you better not have any more fantasies about her. The two of you are impossible.”

Ye Xun had a sudden change of attitude. Huo Yunshen finally understood. How could he be kind and come to visit him?

“As long as she is single, I still have the opportunity to pursue her,” Huo Yunshen said calmly, acting neither too humble or arrogant.

“You? Pursue her?”

Ye Xun released him roughly, looking him up and down with a disgusted look. “What qualifications do you have to pursue her? Just look at yourself. You’re crippled from the waist down and bounded to your wheelchair for the rest of your life. Such a useless cripple like you…if you didn’t have a wealthy family backing you, you would already be begging in the streets! So do you still want to compete with me? You’re no match for me at all! I could squash you with a finger right now!” Ye Xun held out an index finger as he threatened him hatefully.

“Even if you squash me right now, Jing Xi will still not love you.”

Huo Yunshen’s eyes were expressionless but he was calm and determined, showing not the slightest fear as he faced his boisterous rival.

Disabled. Useless cripple. Those words never failed to prod at his weak spot, causing a dull pain to throb at the corner of his heart.

However, he did not become agitated or eager to counterattack, because he could feel that Xu Xiyan’s heart was always for him. Whenever they were together, her eyes would never deceive him.

As long he still had the chance to stand up again, he would not give Xu Xiyan up.

Huo Yunshen’s words had completely enraged Ye Xun. Ye Xun was going berserk as he spoke, “How could she not love me? We were loving each other to death and yet where were you? If you don’t believe

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