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After listening to Professor Qin’s words, Huo Yunshen fell silent for a long time. It hadn’t been easy for him to restore peace again in his heart. His heart had been calm as a lake but now it was rippling with disturbance, as if someone had flung a pebble into it.

He had left Estan hastily and without notice. So she had come to look for him, and probably to ask him why!

So what if they met again?

There were many facts that could not be changed.

“I’ll get someone to take you for your CT scan later. The CT room is in the inpatient department.”


When the nurse wheeled Huo Yunshen out of the rehabilitation center, Huo Jingtang just happened to arrive in time and joined him.

At the inpatient department, Xu Xiyan arrived at the ward with Ying Bao. The old man was sleeping and Ye Xun was sitting on the sofa by the window, playing a mobile game.

“Uncle Tree-leaf!” Ying Bao spotted Ye Xun at first sight and ran over to him happily.

Ye Xun looked up and saw that the mother-daughter duo had arrived. He put away his mobile phone and stood up. “Hey, Little Baby is here too!”

He spread his arms wide to greet her, but the little girl squeezed past from his side and ran straight for the bed.

She stood on her toes and leaned over the side of the bed, looking at the old man who was sleeping there. She turned around and asked her mother, “Xi Baby, is he Baby’s other Great-Grandpa?”

“Yeah. Great-Grandpa is having a rest. Ying Bao mustn’t be noisy!” Xu Xiyan said, waving a hand at her.

Ying Bao immediately reduced her voice to a minimum and said quietly, “Okay, Baby understands. Baby won’t be noisy.”

Ying Bao did not speak anymore. Rather, she held her chin as she intently watched her great-grandfather sleeping, waiting quietly for him to wake up.

Not long after, the old man had finally gotten enough sleep and opened his eyes.

Ying Bao was the first to notice and called out in surprise to the adults, “Xi Baby! Uncle Tree-leaf! Great-Grandpa has woken up!”

Xu Xiyan and Ye Xun glanced over together. The old man had indeed woken up. But the eyes of the old man were unfocused and bleary, and he looked dull-minded.

The little girl grabbed the old man’s big withered hand and shook hands with him, introducing herself, “Great-Grandpa, how are you? I’m Ying Bao. You may not know me, but you must know my mommy. I’m the daughter of my mommy!”

The old man gazed over at Ying Bao. He looked at her for a while, but he did not respond.

Ying Bao naturally thought that both of her mother’s grandfathers should be similar people, and he would’ve definitely greeted her warmly after she introduced herself.

However, the old man did not respond, dampening the little girl’s self-confidence. Disappointed, she asked her mother, “Xi Baby, why is Great-Grandpa ignoring Baby? Does he not like Baby?”

Xu Xiyan bent down and knelt next to her daughter. She whispered to her, “Great-Grandpa doesn’t dislik

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