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The next day, Xu Xiyan woke up early and cooked some nutritious porridge, just like she had done the day before. She also prepared some exquisite and appetizing side dishes. After packing the food, she made her way towards the barracks to find Ye Xun.

“Second senior, can you accompany me today?”

Ye Xun lay in bed, wrapped in a blanket as he pretended to be asleep. That’s right, he was being deliberate. He just didn’t want to accompany her to the hospital.

“Second senior!”

Xu Xiyan shouted several times but Ye Xun was still ignoring her. Xu Xiyan felt her blood boiling. She had no choice but to kick him, sending him and his blanket rolling off the bed and onto the floor.

Ker-thunk! Ye Xun fell to the ground and hit his head against the sharp corner of a table leg, pain flaring up in his head. “Little Xixi, you mother*cker! Would it kill you to treat me more gently?”

Xu Xiyan rolled her eyes. “Who told you to ignore me!? You deserve it!”

Ye Xun picked himself up from the ground and flung his blanket back onto his bed. His face had darkened as if a storm was coming. He seemed to have been greatly angered.

Xu Xiyan understood him well and knew that he tended to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. If someone was to offend him, he would show his attitude for the whole day.

She still needed his pass to enter the hospital later. Xu Xiyan cleared her throat and said, “Okay, second senior, I was wrong just now. I apologize, please don’t be angry.”

In order to please him, she helped find his clothes and brought them to him obediently. “My Lord, you have the heart of a lion and you should not mind the misdeeds of a mouse. They say a great person’s magnanimity is as vast as the sea. Oh, I pray you forgive me!”

“Hmph, not bad.” Ye Xun was the type of person who would give in to gentle persuasion but not forceful demands. Whenever Xu Xiyan offended him, all she needed to do was to soften her tone and show some affection toward him. It was guaranteed to work every time and it was considered easy to persuade him.

The two arrived at the hospital. Just like last time, Xu Xiyan stayed put nearby the ward and waited as Ye Xun took the food into the room.

Within a few minutes, Ye Xun returned. Xu Xiyan went up to him and asked, “How is he? Did he eat the food I made him?”

“No.” Ye Xun shook his head and told her bluntly, “He seemed to be gone. The ward is empty.”

“What? He’s gone?”

Xu Xiyan could not believe it. She ran into the ward to look. It was just like Ye Xun said; the ward was empty. Everything was neat and clean inside as if the room had been cleaned as a procedure after the patient was discharged.

Is he gone?

He had not recovered from his injuries yet. Where could he go?

Xu Xiyan became even anxious. Just then, a nurse passed by. She stopped the nurse and asked her, “Hello there, Miss. Could you tell me where the patient of this ward is?”

The nurse took a look at the ward num

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