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Since Xu Xinrou was willing, Xu Jinshan seemed to be in full spirits again. His daughter was both beautiful and clever. It was just a matter of time before Huo Jingtang became hers.

“Well okay, I shall make more arrangements after I’m discharged from the hospital.”


Xu Xinrou was very pleased with herself and was already devising a plan in her head. How could she capture that proud, aloof and deeply intellectual man, Huo Jingtang?

Xu Xinrou still had a shoot to attend so she needed to leave first. She did not expect to encounter Xu Xiyan in the hospital elevator.

Xu Xiyan had waited for her grandfather to fall asleep and let Ye Xun stay in the ward to keep him company. She planned to go back and prepare some food for him.

The elevator went down. After landing at the first floor, Xu Xiyan was about to go out of the elevator when she felt someone grab her wrist tightly, pulling her out of the elevator.

Xu Xinrou dragged her over somewhere less crowded and released her. Xu Xiyan recognized her and said irritably, “Why did you pull me over here?”

Xu Xinrou revealed a pair of beautiful and delicate eyes above her flu-mask. She narrowed her eyes at Xu Xiyan and said, “Xu Xiyan, I didn’t expect you to become so daring! You had the audacity to beat up my parents; not even my grandmother was spared.”

Xu Xiyan sneered, “What are you talking about, Senior Xu? I admit that I beat up your parents, but your grandmother fell down the stairs herself, and it was her own fault. What does she have to do with me?”


Xu Xinrou didn’t think that Xu Xiyan would become this vicious. She said angrily, “I don’t care what you’re saying. The Xu family raised you, and is this how you repay us?”

“If I don’t repay you this way, what other ways could I do it then?” Xu Xiyan put on a spurious smile and said in a half-joking tone, “Oh, are you saying that the way I’ve repaid them was wrong? Well, why don’t I beat you up too next time? Or how about I directly set fire to your house?”

“Xu Xiyan! You are simply unreasonable!”

Xu Xinrou’s heart tensed up tightly. She did not expect Xu Xiyan to have a violent mind, and she couldn’t believe that she was even willing to commit murder and arson.

“That’s right, I’m being unreasonable. The reason why I am who I am today was that I was forced by you all to become so!” Xu Xiyan crossed her arms and warned coldly, “Now, let’s be honest with each other. From now on, we’ll have nothing to do with each other. If you dare to come and harm me again, I’ll fight it out until we all perish together. Don’t even think about gaining anything good from this.”

Xu Xinrou saw a glint of absolute hatred in Xu Xiyan’s eyes and it was daunting.

She believed what Xu Xiyan had said. A demoralized person like her would do anything if pushed to desperation.

In order to keep up the pretense that they were on good terms, Xu Xinrou changed the topic and said, “Yanyan, you’re being t

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