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Ying Bao came to realize something. “Xi Baby, Great-Grandpa thinks I’m you.”

“Yeah, Great-Grandpa is probably mistaken.”

The old man was indeed mistaken. In the memory of his brief and temporary consciousness, he saw Xu Xiyan when she was still a child. He said again, “Yanyan, don’t you need to go to kindergarten today?”

Ying Bao was very cooperative and readily pretended to be her mother when she was still a child. She answered her great-grandfather, “Well, Grandpa. Baby has no school today.”

“Did your father beat you again? Let Grandpa have a look at you. Are you injured? Is your hand hurt?”

Ying Bao did not understand what he had said and looked at him with a puzzled face.

Xu Xiyan, who was standing at the side, felt her heart grow bitter upon hearing her grandfather’s words and tears welled up in her eyes in an instant.

The old man’s words would always evoke the sadness of Xu Xiyan’s childhood.

Xu Xiyan remembered the time that Xu Jinshan had returned home drunk and saw her trying to put up a photo frame. It was a portrait of Jing Ruyue.

Xu Jinshan couldn’t bear to see anything related to Jing Ruyue. If he saw anything relating to her, he would feel guilt and fear. He snatched the photo frame away from her and shattered it.

Seeing that her mother’s photo frame was broken, Xu Xiyan knelt down on the floor to pick up the pieces, but Xu Jinshan stepped on the back of her hand with his foot and reprimanded her harshly, “Do not touch anything that belongs to this woman again, do you hear me?”

The pieces of broken glass pierced her palm and it was very painful. If Xu Jinshan had stepped on her hand a little harder, those glass pieces would have pierced into her hand even deeper.

But she did not bother about the pain in her hand and struggled to push Xu Jinshan’s foot away. “This belonged to Mother!”

“Pick the pieces up, then! I dare you to pick them up!”

It was as if Xu Jinshan had gone insane. He grabbed Xu Xiyan’s clothes, lifted her up, and viciously slapped her face.

After he was done slapping her face, he threw her to the ground and kicked her hard, as if she was not a child but just a piece of wood.

He did it until he had vented the last of his hatred. By that time, Xu Xiyan was already covered with blood all over her body and had fainted on the ground, motionless.

That day, if her grandfather had not found her in time, she might have lost her little life.

In the ward, the old man took Ying Bao’s little hand and looked at the back of it, then at her arm. “If he beats you again, come and tell Grandpa. Grandpa will teach him a lesson for you.”

Ying Bao felt even more depressed. She couldn’t understand anything what her great-grandfather had said.

“Hold on, Grandpa has candy for you. It’s your favorite.”

The old man started to rummage in his pocket to find the candy. It was candy from way before, back during Xu Xiyan’s kindergarten years. Where was one going to

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