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Huo Yunshen had no choice but to resign to his mother’s unreasonableness. This was the result of being a cripple. It was going to be really difficult to see Jing Xi again in the future.

Unable to contact Huo Yunshen, Xu Xiyan could only call Professor Qin Kun and see whether he had any news about Huo Yunshen.

However, it turned out that Professor Qin did not know anything about Huo Yunshen’s injuries. He promised her that he would visit the Huo family and find out about his situation.

Ye Xun was done putting all sorts of gifts into the trunk. He shut the trunk and said, “Get in, time to go.”

Xu Xiyan did not speak as she got into the car. Ye Xun drove back to the Jing family house.

In the Jing family house’s courtyard, Jing Huaduo, Ying Bao and Fang Xiaocheng were having tea and snacks under the grape pergola.

Xu Xiyan and Ye Xun arrived, carrying gifts in their hands. The eagle-eyed Ying Bao spotted her mother and immediately rushed towards her excitedly. “Xi Baby!”

“Ying Bao!” Xu Xiyan squatted down and spread out her arms to receive her daughter. Her daughter rushed over to her and wrapped her little arms around her neck, planting big kisses on her face, “Mua, Mua!”

“Xi Baby, you’re finally back! Baby missed you to death! Look at Baby, Baby is so thin now,” Ying Bao said, pointing a finger to her cheek, trying to be cute.

Xu Xiyan also planted big kisses onto her daughter’s face. She smiled and said, “Yeah, you’re so thin now!”

Seeing that both mother and daughter were having a tender moment, Ye Xun walked up to them, stuck out his face and said, “Daughter, don’t just kiss your mother! What about me?”

Ying Bao looked over at Ye Xun’s face. Instead of giving him a kiss, she reached out to pinch his face with her small hand and giggled. Ye Xun let out a yelp in pain, “Oww! Daughter, why did you pinch your dad?”

Ying Bao cocked her head to the side and pouted, “Uncle Tree-leaf, if you continue to take advantage of girls, you will have no friends!”

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“Eh, is this how you treat your dad? Boohoohoo, Daddy is sad!” Ye Xun pretended to wipe tears off his eyes.

“Uncle Tree-leaf, you’re being very childish. When can you act more like an adult?” Ying Bao asked, putting her hands on her hips.

She said that he was being very childish?

How rude! Who did she learn that from!

Ye Xun put down the stuff he was carrying and immediately picked up Ying Bao, tickling her. “Why, you traitorous, rascally little rabbit! If it weren’t for me, you would’ve been born in the middle of the road! So you actually dare call me childish, huh? Still dare? Do you still dare now? Huh?”

“Hahaha…” Ying Bao laughed out loud. She continued laughing as she begged for mercy, “Uncle Tree-leaf, I don’t dare anymore! I don’t dare…”

Ye Xun put her down. Who knew that the little girl was like a rabbit on the grass. She bounded away from him.

She ran to Jing Huad

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