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“Err…” Ye Xun had accidentally spilled the beans. He immediately explained awkwardly, “No, I didn’t go into the room. But can’t I take a peek from the door?”

Xu Xiyan did not doubt him and said nothing more. Ye Xun thought this was the best time to persuade her. He continued, “So, Little Xixi, what do you have to say? Do you understand now? See how fierce Mr. Huo’s mother is? You and her son are still not committed to each other, and yet she’s already treating you like this. Think about it, if you are to be together with Mr. Huo in the future for real, will his old lady spare you?”

Xu Xiyan: “…”

How could she not know that Huo Yunshen’s mother did not like her? Since that day when she had visited the Huo family as Jing Xi, his mother had already locked horns with her.

The more Ye Xun spoke, the more spirited he became. When he was excited, he was a completely different person. “Just look at me, I have no father and mother. If you choose me, you’ll never find yourself in this situation. You’ll never ever quarrel with your mother-in-law. She simply does not exist.”

Xu Xiyan: “…”

Xu Xiyan sighed to herself. She really wanted to say one thing: Second senior, could you please stop making things worse?

Just leave me alone, okay?

Xu Xiyan was not upset because Chen Yunlu had hit her, but because she was worried about Huo Yunshen.

They had not even had a proper conversation when they’d met in his ward just now and she had left in a fit of pique. What would Huo Yunshen think?

Back in the ward, Chen Yunlu sat on the edge of the bed as she nagged at her son, “Son, what did I tell you in the first place? I told you that her face will bring bad luck to her husband and yet you didn’t believe me. See what happened? You’re not even married to her yet and you’ve almost lost your life in her hands. This woman is jinxed. As long you’re with her, there won’t be anything good between the two of you. Listen to Mom’s words: go back and break up with her, and don’t contact her anymore, okay?”

Huo Yunshen could not stand anyone disparaging Jing Xi, not even his own aging mother. He could not control himself and yelled at her, “Mom! If you say one more word about Jing Xi, I will not recognize you as my mother!”


This was literally a rebellion. How dare her son treat her like that for the sake of that woman?

Chen Yunlu was very angry. She kicked her husband Huo Zhen, “Can you please stop pretending to be dumb? Can’t you manage your own son?”

Huo Zhen raised his eyebrows. “Our son is already an adult. You should not manage him too much!”

Chen Yunlu became even more furious after hearing his words. “Can I not manage him? That year, you didn’t let me manage him and, in the end, our son got into a car accident. Now, our son is injured and in the hospital, and you still won’t let me manage him. What do you want him to end up as before you decide to manage him?”

“Our son’s car accident has nothing to do

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