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As for Xu Xinrou’s plans to tamper with the polling, Xu Xiyan did not know anything about it.

Ever since returning from Estan, Xu Xiyan had been very busy and hadn’t had time to pay attention to what was happening to the production of “Root Of Evil.”

She did not care much about who would be chosen for the female lead role in the end. As long as she minded her own business and was herself, it would be fine.

In response to Xu Xinrou’s persuasion, Xu Xiyan was still stubborn as usual with her answer. “I don’t care how foolish I am; at least I will go on my way with a clear conscience. I don’t need the Xu family’s favor. Excuse me but I’m in a hurry. Goodbye!”

Xu Xiyan lifted her chest and walked past Xu Xinrou, not even looking back.

Behind, Xu Xinrou’s face became sinister and her hatred for Xu Xiyan grew even deeper.

Xu Xiyan, don’t be too happy yet!

After the drama has wrapped up, you’ll see how I’ll destroy you!

Xu Xiyan returned to the Jing family house and personally cooked some delicious dishes and soup for her grandfather.

She could imagine how badly they had treated her grandfather back at the Xu family house.

Otherwise, the old man would not be so thin like a bag of bones. It was heartbreaking to see him like that.

After Xu Xiyan was done cooking, she prepared the food in a thermal insulated lunch box. Ying Bao stood on her toes and clung to the table, watching her mother putting the lunch box into a bag.

The little girl was puzzled. She asked, “Xi Baby, who is this delicious food for?”

“It’s for your other great-grandfather,” Xu Xiyan replied.

Although Ying Bao had not seen her mother’s paternal grandfather before, she had heard from her mother that her paternal grandfather was a very good person and a super cute old man.

Ying Bao wanted to meet her other great-grandfather too. She clutched the edge of her mother’s shirt and pleaded, “Xi Baby, can you bring Baby along too? Baby wants to see her other Great-Grandpa too.”

Xu Xiyan bowed her head and tapped Ying Bao’s little nose lightly. She smiled and said, “Well, I could bring you along, but…”

Before she could finish her words, Ying Bao interrupted her. The little girl raised a small hand into the air and bounced. “I know, I know, I know!”

After the little girl said “I know” three times in a row, she bolted off in a puff of smoke. Within 2 minutes, she came running back to her.

“Xi Baby, Baby is ready. We can go now!”

Ying Bao knew that she had to stay low-profile. So she had put on a wavy wig and a pair of lens-less cartoon glasses, complete with a flu-mask over her face.

Fully armed, she raised her thumb and index finger to her face and struck a very cool pose. “Now, nobody can recognize Baby!”

Xu Xiyan shook her head and chuckled, amused by this funny little girl. Well all right, since she wanted to go, Xu Xiyan would take her along to see her great-grandfather.

Xu Xiyan carried the lunch box

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