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Xu Xiyan was a few meters away from success, but she did not notice an infrared light was on her.

Huo Yunshen saw it. The moment the red dot focused on her, he felt a wrenching pain in his heart.


Being struck by fear, Huo Yunshen could only think of saving her. Gathering a force within him, his legs and his arms worked together and he leapt towards her.

“Jing Xi! Be careful!”

Before Xu Xiyan could react, Huo Yunshen had her down.

Xu Xiyan, the soldier, and Huo Yunshen all fell to the ground.

“Bang! Bang!” two gunshots were heard. Xu Xiyan turned around and happened to see the bullets hit Huo Yunshen. One hit him on his left calf while the other hit his back.

Xu Xiyan felt her heart skip a beat, and she yelled, “Mr. Huo!”

“Don’t worry about me, Jing Xi! Hurry up and hide!”

Huo Yunshen lay flat on the ground and struggled.

Seeing Huo Yunshen injured, the once calm Xu Xiyan panicked. She quickly composed herself and swiftly pulled Huo Yunshen to the back of the bar counter. Then she went out to pull the soldier in.

She was exhausted and stained with blood over. However, she could not be bothered with catching her breath. She tore the fabric of her dress and helped Huo Yunshen bandage his wounds.

Unlike how she’d felt when she was saving the soldier, she now felt anguished.

She felt a deep regret. They would not have been met with danger if she had not brought him to Vikio Bar, and he would not have gotten injured.

After she finished bandaging, Xu Xiyan held onto Huo Yunshen’s hand with her blood-stained hands and asked worriedly, “Mr. Huo, how are you?”

“I’m fine…”

He put up a strong front and gave her a smile to console her.

How can he be fine? He suffered two gunshot wounds, and is seriously injured like the soldier.

Xu Xiyan felt anguished, tears dropped and she reprimanded herself, “It’s all my fault…if not for me, you wouldn’t have gotten injured.”

“Jing Xi, don’t be sad. We will be fine…”

Not only was Huo Yunshen optimistic, he was glad that he was the one who got injured. Being able to hold her hands and watch her cry for him, he felt that his injury was worth it.

Xu Xiyan did not know if they could wait till Ye Xun notified her uncle to come rescue her. By the looks of it, they could not wait.

The situation was especially terrible. The soldier was dying, Huo Yunshen was deeply injured and had lost consciousness.

Xu Xiyan cried even more furiously, and her heart sank. She patted his face and said, “Mr. Huo, you can’t sleep! Wake up, wake up…”

No signs of waking, no one answered her.

“Mr. Huo…”

Xu Xiyan sobbed uncontrollably. She could not imagine what would happen if Huo Yunshen died here today.

She had not confessed her love to him, he did not know that she loved him.

Besides sobbing and awaiting death, Xu Xiyan did not know what else she could do. She held his face and her tears dripped on him.

“Huo Yunshen, don’

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