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Huo Sanyan what? Ye Xun thought. When did I ask for her to cook for me? What and what now?

And in the mere seconds that Ye Xun was lost in thought, Huo Sanyan snuck into his house and acted like it was hers.

She took out a few lunch boxes and placed them on the table.

“Mr. Ye, come try some,” Huo Sanyan said.

Ye Xun replied with an annoyed face as Huo Sanyan scanned his almost naked body top to bottom again.

“I never would’ve thought that you had such a great body,” Huo Sanyan said, embarrassed. “You’re making me blush…”

Then why are you still staring? Ye Xun wanted to scole her. He went into his room to get a robe.

He put on his robe, went back into the living room, picked Huo Sanyan and her food up, and threw them outside.

“Don’t ever come here again, you crazy woman! Or else I’ll call the police!” Ye Xun scolded and slammed the door behind him.

Huo Sanyan turned back and looked at the door with a puzzled expression. What’s with Mr. Ye today?

“I waited for a few hours to get this food from Tong Fu House, it’s such a waste to throw it away,” Huo Sanyan mumbled as she picked herself and the foods up. “Never mind, I’ll eat it myself.”

Cooking was just something that Huo Sanyan could never learn. She was lucky that she hadn’t burned her house down or chopped a finger off after a few days of trying to learn.

She wanted to use the foods she’d brought from Tong Fu House to pretend that they were made by her, yet the results weren’t what she’d expected.

She never would have thought that Ye Xun would throw her out of the house.

It’s okay, Huo Sanyan comforted herself. It must be because of the new house. I’ll have to come over more until he’s used to me being there.

Huo Sanyan was about to call her little brother to ask for advice when she remembered that he was on a plane.

No worries, I’ll ask for his help when he returns.

Xu Xiyan was woken up by the captain’s announcement that the plane was about to land in Estan’s airport.

She sat straight up and wiped her saliva off her mouth.

“Mr. Huo, have we arrived?” Xu Xiyan asked as she turned to Huo Yunshen, who was sitting beside her.

“Yes,” Huo Yunshen replied. “The plane is descending right now.”

Xu Xiyan had been resting her head on Huo Yunshen’s shoulder for the whole flight. He was afraid that he might wake her up, so he kept his body straight the whole time.

Now that Xu Xiyan was awake, he quickly withdrew his numbed arm.

“Is your arm all right?” Xu Xiyan asked embarrassedly as she noticed Huo Yunshen was shaking his arm slightly.

“It’s nothing,” Huo Yunshen smiled as he looked warmly at the cute lady who was still half asleep.

Xu Xiyan did not say anything. She snuck another peek at Huo Yunshen and laughed.

“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?” Huo Yunshen asked, thinking that Xu Xiyan was laughing at him.

“No, I remembered a dream I had just now.”

“What dream?”


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