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Perhaps Xu Xiyan still held a trace of rebelliousness within her. She would rather go up against the world than compromise on her principles.

She was fine with not marrying in this lifetime. But if she was to marry, she must marry a man she loves. It was all or nothing with her.

“What’s wrong? Are you angry with me?”

It had been awhile since Jing Zhannan and Xu Xiyan had seen each other. Jing Zhannan didn’t want to make his reunion with his niece awkward, so he tried to ease the situation. He said to her placatingly, “Tell me, how did you meet Mr. Huo?”

“It was by chance.”

Xu Xiyan would be lying if she said she was not angry. She pouted, expressing her dissatisfaction. “Uncle, you still have yet to tell me how his condition is now.”

“It was nothing serious. He’ll be fine after having some rest.”

“Can you get someone to take me to see him?

“Sure, let me arrange it.”

Jing Zhannan called someone up on his mobile phone. It didn’t take long for a jeep to appear in the distance. It was a different jeep than the one that had transported Jing Zhannan just now.

The car stopped in front of them—and Xu Xiyan discovered that the driver was Ye Xun.


Ye Xun rested an elbow over the open car window and greeted Jing Zhannan, then looked over at Xu Xiyan. “Little Xixi, if you want to go to the hospital, get in the car now!”

From his tone, Xu Xiyan knew he was reluctant to send her to the hospital but had to because it was an order from Jing Zhannan. Xu Xiyan did not hesitate to open the passenger door and get into the car.

When they were about to leave, Jing Zhannan leaned into the car and said, “Yanyan, if Mr. Huo asks what your relationship with me is, you must not say that we are relatives.”

“I know.”

Xu Xiyan was aware of the protocols regarding confidentiality. One of the military laws for the JS group stated that anyone who leaked any information regarding the base would be court-martialed.

Although Xu Xiyan had not formally joined the JS group, she was still a close family member of the JS group and ought to respect military orders.

The jeep drove away into the distance. Jing Zhannan tossed his cigarette butt onto the gravel, stamping it out with his boot.

If he was to become a matchmaker, he would rather see his niece get together with Ye Xun. The boy may seem irresponsible and jaded towards life, but he was a very faithful partner once he committed to a relationship.

Ye Xun once said to him that if Xu Xiyan was to marry him, he would retire from the JS Group to build a family with her and live a normal life. He would give her stability and happiness.

Jing Zhannan could only hope that Ye Xun’s love for Xu Xiyan would be reciprocated.

On the way to the hospital, Xu Xiyan, who was worried about Huo Yunshen, could hardly wait to get to there. Unfortunately, someone had decided to drive the jeep like an oxcart.

“Second senior, could you please drive faster?”

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