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Mr. De had not expected the person who had stopped his car to be Xu Xiyan. After recognizing her, he slapped at his own mouth in shame. “Oh, look at my own foul mouth, what was I rambling about? Please don’t mind what I said, Miss Xixi!”

“It’s okay, Mr. De.”

Xu Xiyan rounded the car and looked through the car window. Jing Zhannan was sitting in the back seat, looking visibly displeased.

“Uncle!” Xu Xiyan called out to him ingratiatingly.

Jing Zhannan did not speak. He opened the door and strode down from the car, letting Mr. De drive the vehicle into the base.

After the military vehicle had driven off, Jing Zhannan glanced at Xu Xiyan sideways, looking her up and down. Then he strode off towards the base, still not saying anything.

Xu Xiyan stepped briskly behind him, trying to keep up with him. “Uncle, were you at the hospital just now? Did you see my friend? How is he? Are his injuries serious?”

Jing Zhannan stopped in his tracks abruptly, then deliberately pounded his shoulder with a fist. “Oh my, my shoulders are aching!”

“Here, let me pound your shoulders, Uncle!”

Xu Xiyan promptly went to his back and pounded his shoulders dutifully.

Jing Zhannan took out a cigarette from his cigarette case quietly. He took out a lighter too, but pretended that he couldn’t ignite it. “Weird, what’s wrong with my fingers? Why is the lighter not igniting?”

“Here, let me light it for you, Uncle.”

Xu Xiyan snatched the lighter from him and easily ignited it. She sheltered the flame with a hand and carefully held it out to him.

Jing Zhannan leaned over to light his cigarette, took a puff and exhaled smoke. He said with a smile, “Looks like my niece is all grown up.”

Xu Xiyan smiled sheepishly, “Oh, what are you talking about, Uncle? I’m already a mother of a child. How could I not be grown up?”

“Fancy anyone?” Jing Zhannan asked casually.

“Yea—huh…?” Xu Xiyan almost fell for her uncle’s trap. “What are you talking about, uncle?”

Jing Zhannan gave her a knowing look and smiled. “What is your relationship with Mr. Huo?”

Xu Xiyan didn’t think that a stoic man like her uncle would be interested in gossiping. “Well, me and Mr. Huo… we’re only good friends!”

“Not a couple?”

“How could we be? He doesn’t even like me!”

As Xu Xiyan said this, she felt a little dejected. If Huo Yunshen had not hidden his feelings so deeply, she might have been able to win his heart earlier.

There were some things that Jing Zhannan had to get clear with Xu Xiyan first, so as to prevent her from getting herself into trouble. “He’s right for not liking you. The two of you are not suitable for each other at all. You can become ordinary friends with him, but as a couple? Absolutely not.”

“Why? Are you prejudiced against him too?”

Xu Xiyan felt very depressed. She and Huo Yunshen had not even started. Why were there already so many people against them?

“It’s not that I’m prejudiced. It’s for yo

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