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She was sad yet determined. Death would not separate them, and she would be with him forever.

The sound of the army boots stopped. A group of tall men gathered around, and a beam of light was cast above her head.

Xu Xiyan was blinded by the light, and she instinctively turned her head away.

Unlike what she’d expected, she did not meet an enemy’s bullet but rather, she heard a familiar voice.

Ye Xun’s anxious and agitated voice sounded above her, “Xixi!!!”

Xu Xiyan looked up as she recognized the voice, she saw the familiar face of Ye Xun, “Ye Xun…”

“Xixi, are you injured?”

Ye Xun was shocked seeing her stained with blood all over her, and he quickly helped her up from the ground and carefully checked if she had any injuries.

“I’m not injured, Mr. Huo is injured. He’s wounded badly. Ye Xun, quickly save him!” Xu Xiyan sobbingly pleaded.

Ye Xun shined his light on the two unconscious men on the ground. One had his face covered in blood and was unrecognizable, the other was Huo Yunshen, who looked seriously injured.

After some thought, however, Ye Xun felt that Huo Yunshen had brought it onto himself. He was the one who went behind Ye Xun’s back and took Xu Xiyan away. He had brought her to such a dangerous place and almost allowed a serious mishap to befall her.

If he had not arrived in Estan in time, cooperated with the deployment and his Chief, Nightfall, and wiped out the terrorist organization in one shot, Xu Xiyan would not have been able to escape death today.

It’s all on Huo Yunshen! Look at what he has done!

“I’ll send you back first, then I’ll let the others send him to the hospital.”

Ye Xun helped her out but Xu Xiyan would not move, “I want to go with him.”

“It’s too dangerous here, it’s better that you leave first.”

“No, I want to stay by his side and take care of him.”

Ye Xun would not leave no matter what. Ye Xun eventually had no choice but to knock her out and carry her away.

After the advance squad annihilated the main force of the terrorist organization, Jing Zhannan led his men and began to search for their top leader, “Zeus.”

It was a trickier task, as Jing Zhannan and all his subordinates in the First Squadron had never seen the true face of Zeus. Including the squadrons in other countries, not many had seen Zeus before.

It was heard that Zeus always maintained a low profile, and that he would only appear during the video conference meeting at JS Headquarters, and even then he would wear a mask.

The only way to find him now was to rely on the SOS device Zeus was carrying to locate him and identify him.

Jing Zhannan appeared in his battle suit with his team at the door of Vikio Bar. The red light of the sensor on his wrist kept flashing, and the frequency of flashing was getting stronger and stronger.

It was confirmed that Zeus was very nearby.

He turned on his torchlight and walked into the pitch black bar, the others followi

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