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Patrons at the bar forgot about their alcohol, people stopped talking. Even the waiter was stunned and spilled the wine without noticing.

Xu Xiyan’s passionate and affectionate eyes almost never left Huo Yunshen. Huo Yunshen’s eyes also followed her every movement.

In the eyes of others, they looked like a couple deeply in love. The love and tenderness they felt for each other was touching, and even the subject of envy.

Everyone had the same thought in mind: This couple tonight is absolutely fantastic!

Along with the rhythm, Xu Xiyan’s dance also reached a climax. She did a 360-degree somersault and flipped onto the bar table.

“Wow! Wow! Wow!”

Everyone was awed by her move and applauded.

Standing tall on the table, Xu Xiyan danced even better than she had on the floor. She was absolutely fabulous tonight. She stunned the entire crowd and surprised Huo Yunshen as well.

The girl that he knew could cook, acted well, knew music, had a great voice, and besides all of that, he never expected her to dance so well.

Passionate and wild, sexy and mesmerizing, her beauty was enchanting. He wanted to keep her as a collection to admire in private.

Seeing her dance with ease at that height, Huo Yunshen was worried for her.

He was worried that she would lose her balance from the alcohol she drank, worried that she would fall. Thus, he followed wherever she danced, moving his wheelchair along, prepared to catch her if she really did fall.

Until the music reached its finale, Xu Xiyan spun consecutively for seven or eight rounds on the table, then opened her arms at the end and fell back. She fell straight towards Huo Yunshen.

Huo Yunshen felt his heart skip a beat as he reached out his arms and safely caught her. Phew! A close call!

After Xu Xiyan finished her last move, the music stopped. The crowd burst into loud applause and cheering.

“Wow! That was amazing!”

“The dance was awesome!”

Amidst the loud cheering, Xu Xiyan fell into the man’s arms. Her fair arms hooked onto his neck and she looked straight into his eyes.

If not for her complete trust in him, she never would’ve had the courage to fall back on the table.

She knew that he would definitely catch her.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winner for tonight! They are Miss Jing and Mr. Huo! Let us present the 10,000 dollar prize to them!”

The host excitedly announced the results. “Let’s give them another round of applause! Thank you for bringing us such a wonderful dance tonight!”

Surrounded by applause, the couple gazed at each other affectionately.

Xu Xiyan’s face was flushed, her lips were dewy red, her heart was racing, and her panting sounded full of seduction.

The alcohol made her especially excited. She gazed into the charming eyes of Huo Yunshen, unblinking. At this moment, the love she had for him was overflowing, driving her to confess her love for him.

“Mr. Huo…”

However, what she wanted even

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