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The incident had finally come to an end.

Xu Xiyan logged into her Weibo account and shared some music on it. It was “Clear Blue Sea” by Ni Yun.

The lyrics of the song perfectly reflected the feelings in her heart. When the rain passes and the skies have cleared, as if the blue sea has opened its curtains, vast and limitless, just like the heart opening up.

After the truth came out, her work Weibo account “Sir Jing” saw a huge increase in its fanbase.

People began to accept her and started to call her by various names, such as “Little Xixi,””Sir Jing,” or plainly “Sir.”

Sir Jing is such a generous person, I feel like I’ve fallen for her.

Sir Jing for the win! [heart][heart][heart]

I’ll support our Little Xixi no matter what!

People began to talk about her on the internet.

[picture.jpg] [picture.jpg] [picture.jpg]

So this is the Jing Xi you guys are talking about! She’s prettier than Huang Yanran!

She’s faithful and loyal, but what I like most about her is her unyielding personality.

She’s too pretty to be a stunt double!

The name Jing Xi remained as the most searched for a few weeks. She was like a newborn star that was rising to fame, starting to shine in her own light.

In contrast, Huang Yanran was like a dying star.

Just after she had ended her apology on livestream and was on her way to the police station, someone spilled acid on her, and it made her scream in pain.

Even though she was sent to the hospital in time, her face was completely destroyed.

The police quickly took action and found out it was Jia Qing’s uncle who was responsible for the attack.

The netizens all praised the man for taking this action, stating that it was Huang Yanran’s retribution.

She wanted to destroy a person’s face and future, yet, in return, she was the one who suffered all of these things.

Yet, even though she’d gotten what she deserved, she still had a trial waiting for her in court.

With all the information that the police had, Huang Yanran was sentenced to jail along with her co-conspirator, He Liang.

Back in the studio, Peng Sicheng was stunned by the sudden turn of events.

He’d lost his female lead in an instant and had no idea what to do.

He took his phone and called Yunhai Entertainment asking for their CEO.

“Mr. Huo, why didn’t your company tell us anything?” Peng Sicheng said timidly. “What should I do now?”

“You’re the director, you decide,” Huo Yunshen said with a smile.

Peng Sicheng hung up the call with a puzzled expression. Does he mean that I get to do what I like? I can choose my own actress?

Peng Sicheng quickly used the recent event and set up online voting for the new lead actress for “Root of Evil.”

He invited a few actresses for auditions and recorded all of the sessions.

The audition videos were posted online for the people to vote on.

And Xu Xiyan was one of the five actresses that Peng Sicheng had selected.

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