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“Do you get it now?” Xu Xiyan asked as she pulled her body back.

Get what? I didn’t hear anything! Huo Yunshen looked at her with a puzzled face.

Yet he did not want to disappoint her since he thought she’d already told him about her dream, so he nodded and said, “Yes.”

Xu Xiyan really thought Huo Yunshen understood what she meant. She did not tell him in words purposely because she wanted to express it through intimate actions.

She had a sweet and romantic dream, one where she was sitting at a beach with Huo Yunshen while they cast their eyes onto the vast ocean.

In the dream, she rested her head on his shoulder as the ocean wind blew past them. She lifted her head up and tickled Huo Yunshen’s face with her long eyelashes.

She did the same when she’d asked Huo Yunshen to close his eyes.

She’d no idea what Huo Yunshen would feel from that, but it made her heart tickle, and it felt sweet.

Huo Yunshen was still trying hard to understand what Xu Xiyan’s dream was, even when they were getting off the plane.

He even believed that he had hearing problems. He had not heard anything from her, and all he could remember was the slight tickling on his face.

They did not stay in a hotel when they arrived at Bo’er City in Estan. Instead, they made their way to a private villa named “Sunshine.”

Only in the future would Xu Xiyan learn that the villa was Huo Yunshen’s estate.

Xu Xiyan followed Huo Yunshen and the Music Video crew to Likee in the southern part of Estan the next day.

Likee was a famous small town in Estan that sat just beside a beautiful sea, a place Xu Xiyan had visited in the past when she was staying in Estan. So she knew the cultures and traditions of the town.

Without wasting any time, the crew got prepared for the shooting as planned.

Xu Xiyan had already gotten to know the crew beforehand, and they did not reject her because she was new, but instead treated her as one of their own.

Xu Xiyan thought they were friendly with her because of Huo Yunshen.

What she didn’t know was that these people were Huo Yunshen’s brothers from different parents. They already thought of Xu Xiyan as their own sister-in-law.

The lead actor for the Music Video was Mu Chenguang. He had been acting in Ni Yun’s Music Videos since the first one came out and was an outstanding music partner to Huo Yunshen. Almost all of the post-editing was done by him.

Mu Chenguang was tall, and he had a warm and friendly smile that would affect everyone who saw him. The scene of him walking on the beach in a white shirt was already an attraction itself.

Xu Xiyan wore a long white dress as her hair dripped onto her waist like a waterfall. The picture of her and Mu Chenguang standing on the beach was enough to make everyone envious of them.

The whole shooting process went well, as they had great chemistry.

The last scene was where the male and female leads strolled on the beach barefoot, leaving a

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