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After feeling for breath under the two men’s noses, Jing Zhannan instructed his men to carry the two men out with stretchers.

At the First Squadron Stationed Base, Xu Xiyan woke up. She felt the back of her neck aching.

She looked at the surroundings and knew that she was at the base. When she didn’t see Huo Yunshen by her side, she jumped off the bed in a panic.

She could not be bothered with wearing shoes, and ran barefoot towards the door. Just then, Ye Xun was entering and she anxiously asked, “Ye Xun, how is Mr. Huo? Has he been sent to the hospital?”

“He was sent to the hospital, whether he survives will depend on fate.”

Ye Xun was unhappy, and cursed Huo Yunshen for being so lucky.

His Chief, Nightfall, had conveniently saved him while he brought his men to rescue General Helian. Now, he’d been sent to the hospital.

“I want to take a look at him, can you send me there?” Xu Xiyan was overly anxious.

She did not hear the jealousy in Ye Xun’s tone as he replied. “Look at you! Where do you want to go? Do you think you can go out like this?”

Ye Xun was exasperated. Xu Xiyan had secretly gone behind his back and came to Estan along with Huo Yunshen. They still had a score to settle and yet Xu Xiyan dared to show so much concern for Huo Yunshen, right in front of him.

Xu Xiyan lowered her head and looked at her blood-stained body. The beautiful Bohemian style maxi dress was torn to bandage the wounds of the two men.

Now, the dress looked as though it had been picked up from the trash. People would not find it surprising if Xu Xiyan said that she was a refugee.

She unknowingly hugged her arms and said, “Hurry and bring me some clothes!”

“I must have owed you!” Ye Xun cursed a little and then turned around to leave.

To think that he was worried sick for her, but her mind was full of Huo Yunshen. He had no idea what Huo Yunshen had done to dupe her.

Unwillingly, Ye Xun found her a clean set of male clothes.

Xu Xiyan showered and changed into the clean clothes, then swiftly urged Ye Xun to send her to the hospital.

“Why do you want to go there? He’s not awake yet, it will just be a wasted trip.”

Ye Xun spoke coldly with discontentment. He stepped one leg on a stool, looking mean and arrogant.

“He got injured while saving me. The very least I can do is to stay by his side and take care of him.”

If not for the fact that she did not know which hospital Huo Yunshen was sent to, she would have gone out on her own.

Ye Xun kicked the stool away, came to her side and looked down at her. “You dare say that there’s nothing going on between the two of you? Do you dare to swear that you don’t like him? Xixi, do you think I’m such an idiot that I wouldn’t notice? Going behind my back to travel with him, spending time together alone. I bet you two must have kissed!”

We wanted to kiss, we almost did.

Xu Xiyan was getting a headache seeing Ye Xun lose his cool.


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