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Screams were everywhere, amd the crowd became chaotic and started fleeing in all directions.

When Xu Xiyan was awakened by the explosion, her first reaction was, Gosh! I almost kissed Prince Charming! What’s going on?

Not aware of the situation, Xu Xiyan quickly got off Huo Yunshen’s arms and wheeled him to the exit.

However, the crowd was too rowdy and she could not squeeze out of the exit while bringing along a wheelchair.

The exit was packed with people, and then gunshots were heard. Swiftly, those that tried to escape were shot dead right outside of the bar.

Hearing shots exchanged between two parties, it was most likely a terrorist attack right outside.

Xu Xiyan realized that the situation was bad and immediately brought Huo Yunshen back to the bar where they hid themselves.

Many people died in the bar as the bullets flew around. Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen hid behind the bar counter.

She held onto Huo Yunshen’s hands and said nervously, “Mr. Huo, we’ve got to hide here now. We will leave once it’s safe.”

Huo Yunshen furrowed his brow and exhorted, “Jing Xi, if you find any chance later, just run! Don’t bother with me!”

“Mr. Huo, I will not leave you behind!”

It was impossible for Xu Xiyan to leave him behind and flee on her own. She just regretted bringing him here, placing him in such a dangerous situation.

Huo Yunshen was touched. She never thought of abandoning him and fleeing under such critical circumstances. How could he then be willing to be a burden to her?

He took out a special built-in device from his breast pocket. It was an emergency rescue pager. He would usually be unwilling to use it unless under special circumstances.

He pressed the button on the device which sent out a rescue signal, and then waited for someone from the outside to rescue them.

Xu Xiyan was not idle squatting next to the wheelchair. She took out a mobile phone from her bag under the wheelchair and immediately made a call to her uncle Jing Zhannan.

Jing Zhannan was the leader of JS First Squadron and was stationed at the command center in Estan. They’d have a tinge of hope so long as he brought reinforcements.

However, the call was not connected. She could not get into contact with Jing Zhannan.

Xu Xiyan had no choice…the only contact numbers she remembered at the moment were Jing Zhannan’s and Ye Xun’s.

Thankfully, the call to Ye Xun was connected, Xu Xiyan explained the situation to Ye Xun and begged him to contact her uncle.

In fact, when Ye Xun picked up the call from Xu Xiyan, he’d been about to call her. He rushed back to Estan just for her.

He heard that she was in danger at Likee Town and quickly rushed there. At the same time, he got in contact with JS First Squadron.

The gunshots outside continued while Xu Xiyan peeked out from behind the bar counter. She saw a group retreating into the bar and they were wearing military uniforms. They looked like Estan military.

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