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“Yes, I’ve lost my mind. God knows where it flew off to and it’s never coming back. Now will you take me to the hospital?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“No!” Ye Xun stubbornly refused her. “The boss has ordered me to watch over you. You’re not going anywhere without his orders.”

“Fine, I’m calling my uncle!”

Xu Xiyan did not believe that it was her uncle’s orders. She used the base’s telephone to call Jing Zhannan, but it turned out that his answer was the same as Ye Xun’s.

He wanted her to stay in the base safely and not go anywhere for the time being. He also told her that after Huo Yunshen was out of critical condition at the hospital, he promised that he would take her there.

As Xu Xiyan put down the phone, Ye Xun’s mocking voice came from behind. “Hmph! I told you so! Go ahead and disobey his orders!”

“I’ve had enough talking to you!”

Xu Xiyan pouted and glared at him, then shouldered past him and strode away.

Xu Xiyan was leaving but Ye Xun was still not giving up. He ran after her and followed her from behind. “Hey, Little Xixi…”

Xu Xiyan was very depressed. She wondered what Huo Yunshen’s situation was now. It was worrying her to death.

When Huo Yunshen opened his eyes, two days had already passed.

After his eyes adapted to the bright white light, Huo Yunshen looked around the environment he was in. The room was clean and elegant with a subtle touch of luxury.


He struggled to get up, but the pain in his back and chest caused him to fall back down on the bed.

At the side of the room, Jing Zhannan noticed that the man on the bed had woken up. He came over hurriedly to check on him. “Boss? Are you awake?”

Huo Yunshen turned his head and saw a tough looking, middle-aged man standing in front of him. He recognized him at once. “You…”

Jing Zhannan went down onto one knee in deference. “Boss, I am Nightfall. I came to your rescue too late and let serious harm befall you. Please punish me!”

Huo Yunshen understood. It seemed that after he had gotten injured, it was Nightfall from the JS First Squadron who had rescued him.

“Stand up and talk.”

Jing Zhannan obeyed and stood up, but inside, he was judging the man before him. He seemed to be a completely different person from the Zeus they used to talk to in their video conferences. Now that he had seen him in person, he seemed to be an easygoing person.

After a few seconds of silence, Huo Yunshen asked again, “Where am I?”

“You’re in Estan’s Top Military District Hospital. You’re very safe here, boss.” Jing Zhannan answered him truthfully and returned his SOS device to him.

After rescuing him and General Helian Qingyu, Jing Zhannan had brought them both here.

This clean and sanitary room was comparable to a presidential suite of a five-star hotel. The hospital had the best medical technology in Estan and it only received high ranking officials of the military and the government. It was a safe and highly secu

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