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Ma Haodong called Xu Xiyan to invite her to lunch as the voting was in full swing, but to his disappointment, Xu Xiyan was already on a private plane heading to Estan.

Since there was AC on the plane, Huo Yunshen took out two blankets, one for Xu Xiyan and one for himself.

“You can sleep for a while if you’re sleepy,” Huo Yunshen said.

“All right.”

After the plane had ascended to the stratosphere, Xu Xiyan lay on the couch in a comfortable position and closed her eyes.

Xu Xiyan had quite a lot of free time for the next few days since there was no scenes for her to shoot.

She took the chance to follow Huo Yunshen to Estan to shoot his new music video.

Before she left, she’d visited Xue Yating in the hospital, but Xue Yating remained unconscious.

Xu Xiyan had also handed Ying Bao to Ye Xun and her grandfather to take care of. She was rather relieved to know that Fang Xiaocheng and Wang Dazhi would be able to help them when trouble arose.

Ye Xun had insisted on following her on the trip, and he was persistent with it. In the end, Huo Yunshen called his sister for help. ( Box novel.c om )

Xu Xiyan was smiling viciously in her head. She was eager to see what would happen when the nerve-wracking Huo Sanyan met with the real Ye Xun.

Ye Xun was still unaware that Xu Xiyan had already left for Estan, and was sleeping soundly on his bed when the doorbell rang.

He stuffed his head under the pillow, but the effort was useless as the person at the door kept ringing his bell.

Without any choice, Ye Xun punched the bed and got up.

Ye Xun’s only downside was that he would get grumpy if someone woke him from his sleep.

He walked to the door with his hair a mess and opened the door with an unsatisfied expression.

It was a woman who was in front of his door, and the first thing that he laid his eyes on were her legs. He scanned the woman from toe to head. High heels, curly hair, jewelry, all of those were familiar to him, except for the woman’s face, which was that of a total stranger to him.

“Who are you looking for?” Ye Xun asked, puzzled.

“…” Huo Sanyan was already stunned by Ye Xun’s appearances, her mouth wide open. She couldn’t believe that the person in front of her was the same Ye Xun she’d known.

Was he always this tall? Huo Sanyan thought. How did he gain a few inches in just a few days?

Ye Xun was only wearing black underwear, and his wide shoulders and muscular body were in full view. He had the temperament and charm of a fully grown man.

“Mr. Ye! You’re just way too handsome to look at…” Huo Sanyan complimented as she drooled from the sight of Ye Xun’s abs.

What did she call me? Mr. Ye? Ye Xun searched his memory and couldn’t recall anything about the woman in front of him.

“You must be mistaking me for somebody else,” Ye Xun said. He was about to close the door. ( Box novel.c om )

“What’s the hurry?” Huo Sanyan said as she blocked the door instinctu

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