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She was going to wear the special bracelet, but failed after several tries. Huo Yunshen volunteered to help, “Let me put it on for you.”

“All right.” Xu Xiyan nodded

She gave him her hand and handed the bracelet to him.

Huo Yunshen buckled the bracelet onto her fair wrist, and the size was just right.

Xu Xiyan waved her arms and her eyes narrowed into a crescent as she smiled. “It looks really pretty! It’s very unique too! I like it a lot! Thank you, Mr. Huo!”

Xu Xiyan was elated to receive a gift from Prince Charming. It was so precious to her that she planned to wear it every single day.

Leaving the pottery workshop, they continued to walk along the market. In a clothing store, Xu Xiyan tried on a unique bohemian maxi dress where the skirt was particularly large.

“Mr. Huo, how do I look?”

When Xu Xiyan lifted the skirt and appeared in front of him, she was wearing a hat as well.

“Not bad!”

Huo Yunshen was stunned.

“Then should I purchase it?”

( B oxnovel.com ) Xu Xiyan was considering if the dress was too revealing, whether it was it worth it to purchase it, and if there was any occasion back in Peijing for her to wear it. She also wondered if anyone might find it exaggerating.

“Wear it, I’ve already bought it.”

Huo Yunshen did not understand a woman’s thinking, not knowing that they had an unlimited number of factors to consider before making a decision.

He just simply thought that she looked good in it, she looked especially graceful in anything. He would buy anything that she liked since he had brought enough money. He could buy the entire street if she wanted him to.

“You paid for me? That won’t do, I can’t take this dress.”

Xu Xiyan did not notice that his actions were so quick. She wanted to shop but she did not think of spending his money.

She turned around wanting to get a refund but was stopped by Huo Yunshen, “Jing Xi, if you were to be bothered by a simple dress, then I would have to pay you some remuneration for shooting the Music Video.”

Being able to participate in the Music Video, Jing Xi already felt really lucky. She’d volunteered to do it for free.

Now that she heard Huo Yunshen’s words, she could only give up. “All right, I’ll take the dress. Thanks, boss!”

The two of them chuckled. Xu Xiyan did not remove the dress but rather just walked out in it, pushing Huo Yunshen along.

In the evening, the two of them had dinner in a very atmospheric restaurant. After they were done, Huo Yunshen asked, “Do you want to go back now?”

Xu Xiyan looked at the time and smiled, “It’s still early now. Why don’t we have some fun at the Vikio Bar?

She had asked around, and it seemed that there would be a masquerade at the Vikio Bar that night. Xu Xiyan thought that it would be a great chance to confess. She could find an opportunity to confess to Prince Charming at the masquerade.

She had already planned it out, a kiss to determine their love, a

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