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He had not expected him to be a disabled, wheelchair-bound person in real life.

However, he had to admit that he was impressed with Zeus’s ability to disguise himself. He had been living his life as an actor on the big screen and even became an award-winning international movie star.

His rivals would never imagine that Elvis was Zeus’s true identity.

This was probably Zeus’s genius idea to hide in plain sight. He had used his most flamboyant identity to hide who he really was.

It was only a simple movement of his leg but it had considerably exhausted Huo Yunshen, making him sweat all over. The two new wounds on his body made it even worse and the pain tore at his nerves. He gritted his teeth at the pain as he stubbornly pushed with his arms to get up.

The bed was not a special bed for the disabled and it had no handrails. Huo Yunshen had no way to move himself onto his wheelchair from the bed. He could only ask for help. “Nightfall, give me a hand!”

“Boss, why the hurry? It can wait!”

Jing Zhannan wanted to persuade him to wait until his injuries were healed; it was still not too late to wait until then to go see his friend.

Jing Zhannan was a good man, and he knew a good man when he saw one. He felt extremely sorry for his idol, who had been confined to a wheelchair at such a young age.

“This is an order!” Huo Yunshen said, glaring at him, his tone implying that disobedience would be not be tolerated.

“Yes, sir!”

Jing Zhannan could not violate his orders. He helped Huo Yunshen onto his wheelchair then wheeled him out towards Helian Qingyu’s ward.

The door into General Helian’s ward was guarded by soldiers. After Jing Zhannan showed them his identification, they let them pass.

When they entered the ward, Huo Yunshen saw a handsome man lying on the bed. His face was slightly pale and he seemed to be unconscious.

Baffled, Huo Yunshen turned back at Jing Zhannan and asked him, “Why did you bring me to him? Where is my friend?”

Jing Zhannan shrugged. “Isn’t General Helian Qingyu your friend, Boss? He was lying beside you.”


Huo Yunshen was very familiar with Helian Qingyu. He knew that he was the commander of Estan’s Land, Sea, and Air Forces, and that he was the son of the current president, Helian Wei. The JS Group and Estan’s military had a cooperative relationship and the two men had also contacted each other before in private.

However, the person he wanted to see was Xu Xiyan. Why had Nightfall taken him to see Helian Qingyu instead?

This person who had lay beside him… he was the soldier Xu Xiyan had saved?

It seemed Nightfall had been mistaken. Huo Yunshen told him to wheel him out of the room. “Take me back to my ward.”

After returning to his ward, Huo Yunshen was still worried about Xu Xiyan. He gave another order. “Send someone to look for my friend. My friend is a woman and her name is Jing Xi.”

“Jing Xi?”

This time it was Jing Zhannan’s turn to

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