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Nobody could tell that Huo Yunshen’s hands were injured because Xu Xiyan had redone his bandages and made him wear a pair of white gloves over them.

He raised his right hand and gestured everyone to be silent.

At once, a perfect silence fell over the conference room.

Huo Yunshen looked down the table with an icy calmness and said, “Thank you all for coming. I know everyone put in a lot of effort to hold this conference today. If you’re having worries over whether to remove me from my post, there is, in fact, no need for it. Today’s general meeting is not even necessary because it is meaningless.”

As he said that, everyone exchanged looks. Huo Jingtang’s face became even harder.

Everyone knew that he had waited a long time for this chance to hold a general meeting. But now Huo Yunshen had come to destroy his hard work with a single speech.

Meaningless? Huo Jingtang thought.

Did that mean that he was planning to fight him to the end?

Huo Yunshen still had more to say. He turned to look at Huo Jingtang with a serious expression.

“My big brother Huo Jingtang has served as vice president in Yunhai Entertainment for many years. He has worked assiduously and without complaint of the hardships. Especially after my accident, he has managed Yunhai in an orderly manner and united the hearts of the employees. It is because of my big brother’s contributions that Yunhai is able to operate in an orderly manner and I’m very grateful to him. Without him, where would Yunhai be today? So, with his qualifications and character, he can be a capable president.”

Huo Yunshen had labeled the general meeting as pointless in the first part of his speech. But in his latter part of his speech, he had praised Huo Jingtang’s character.

Most of the people in the room were surprised.

Huo Jingtang was even more baffled at Huo Yunshen’s intentions. What did he mean by saying those words?

Was this a slap to the face to humiliate him?

Those who were on Huo Jingtang’s side knew him clearly. They knew Huo Jingtang had only been working for his own cultivation in Yunhai Entertainment so he could match up to Huo Yunshen and fight against him.

Not only did he not unite the employees of the Yunhai, but he had also divided them into two extreme factions and caused never-ending internal disputes.

Thus, when Huo Yunshen had praised him that way, he felt like he had given a slap to his face. He could even feel the pain searing across his cheek inexplicably.

Huo Yunshen’s speech was specifically meant for the ears of the shareholders. No matter who was going to take over Yunhai, he hoped that Yunhai could continue to grow.

After all, Yunhai was founded by decades of blood and sweat of his ancestors.

Even though there were endless disputes and a lack of peace between the two brothers, he would not let any outsiders catch wind of their discord.

While no one could figure out Huo Yunshen’s true intent, he continued t

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