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Just then, at that moment, someone was knocking on the door outside. Could it be Huo Yunshen this time?

“I’ll get the door.”

Xu Xiyan had decided to go open the door herself, but her daughter had already slid off the sofa and got to the door first. The girl was very eager to see Uncle Dimples.

Huo Sanyan appeared at the door. She noticed the person who had opened the door for her was a little girl. She recognized her—she was the little internet celebrity, Cherry Baby. She was very surprised. “Hmm? How come you’re here, little one?”

Ying Bao was stunned for a few seconds before finally recognizing the woman in front of her as Uncle Dimples’ older sister. She immediately greeted her, “Hello, Beautiful Auntie.”

Huo Sanyan recalled that she had met the little girl before at the door of her brother’s apartment long ago. That time, the little girl had run away before she could say anything.

Today the little girl had not only opened the door for her but had also sweetly called her “Beautiful Auntie.” Huo Sanyan suddenly felt that she had become more beautiful several-fold.

Huo Sanyan smiled and waved at Ye Xun. “Hi, Young Master Ye.”

Ye Xun had wanted to hide but it was too late. He did not greet her, and only shot her a look before going over to sit down on the sofa.

As usual, he was still treating her coldly.

Huo Sanyan loved his pride and aloofness to death. The more he acted cold and proud, the more she fell in love with him.

After entering the house, Huo Sanyan stroked Ying Bao on her head and asked, “Whose child is this?”

She always thought that Xu Xiyan was single and a good match for her brother, but she never thought to associate the child with Xu Xiyan.

“…” Xu Xiyan was about to explain when Ye Xun immediately stood up from the sofa. “She’s mine.”

Huo Sanyan’s eyes were wide with shock. “Young Master Ye, she’s yours? You…”

“Yes, that’s right. She is my daughter.”

Ye Xun came over and picked up Ying Bao. He cast a desperate look at her and said, “Daughter, call me daddy.”

Ying Bao understood his look and knew what was going on. She wrapped her arms around Ye Xun’s neck and said sweetly, “Daddy.”

“Aye!” Ye Xun was really happy. After waiting for so many years, the little girl finally called him daddy. Unfortunately, Xu Xiyan had always been very strict with what came out of her child’s mouth and she would not let her simply call him daddy.

This is great. Thanks to Huo Sanyan’s arrival, he could finally hear what he’d always wanted Ying Bao to call him.

At the same time, he believed that acknowledging Ying Bao as his daughter was a good thing too as it could immediately deter Huo Sanyan from clinging onto him.

He already has a child. Why would she not retreat?

However, it was too early to be happy. After learning that Ying Bao was Ye Xun’s daughter, Huo Sanyan pressed on, “You’re married? Who is her mother?”

Ye Xun glanced over at Xu Xiyan automatically.

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