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Xu Xiyan did not want him to apologize.

She was definitely shocked by his sudden kiss.

When she first kissed him, it was with restraint…she’d never thought that the man would suddenly kiss her back.

And the kiss was wilder than she could’ve ever imagined, as if it was about to break every bone in her.

She’d always thought of Huo Yunshen as a warm and gentle kind of man. There was no way she would expect him to be so aggressive when it came to kissing.

Xu Xiyan calmed herself down as she tried to cool her face by swinging her palm as a fan. She knew that her face was very red without looking at herself in the mirror.

It was so embarrassing that she couldn’t raise her head and look at his eyes anymore.

“All right, I’m done treating your wounds,” Xu Xiyan said as she tried to change the awkward atmosphere. “Your house is quite messy now, sit down and stay there while I clean your house.”

Xu Xiyan turned and started to sweep the floor.

Huo Yunshen looked at the back of the girl who was working and coughed lightly as his face started to heat up.

He licked his own lips, trying to taste the wild kiss with all of his heart.

He felt fulfilled, but he also despised himself for taking advantage of the girl who was trying to encourage him.

But since Xu Xiyan was the one who had kissed him first, he had to repay her with a kiss out of courtesy. But with those two kisses, their relationship had changed entirely.

Xu Xiyan was fast with her hands, and the house was clean in a few minutes. She’d placed all the stuff that wasn’t broken back to where it used to be and threw out everything that couldn’t be used anymore.

“Mr. Huo, I think you’ll have to get a new table and a few lamps,” Xu Xiyan said as she came back from throwing the last garbage out.

“Okay,” Huo Yunshen replied as he raised his bandaged hands up. “Why don’t you help me choose?”

“Sure thing, leave it to me,” Xu Xiyan said. “I’ll buy them online. But before that, you’ll have to clean yourself up and change into a new set of clothes, all right?”

“Yeah.” Huo Yunshen would now always agree to anything Xu Xiyan would say.

No matter how trivial the things were, it would always be important as long as he did it with Xu Xiyan.

Xu Xiyan carried him back to his wheelchair and pushed him into the bathroom.

Xu Xiyan was about to prepare a hot bath for Huo Yunshen when he remembered that he would have a hard time removing his clothes.

“I’ll just simply wipe my body,” Huo Yunshen suggested. “I’ll ask Yi Xiao to help me shower later.”


Xu Xiyan respected his decision as she would also feel embarrassed if Huo Yunshen were to remove all of his clothes.

She dipped a towel into the hot water and helped him clean the blood off his face. She later wiped his muscular body clean while trying to avoid the wounds on his knees.

She was thorough yet gentle. Huo Yunshen closed his eyes to enjoy the moment.

As Xu Xiy

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