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She had found her goal. She wanted to buy the best daddy in the world, and that candidate was Uncle Dimples.

Xu Xiyan felt like laughing, but she continued to play along, pretending to cry. “Oh? You and Uncle Dimples are already sharing secrets? Don’t you love me anymore? Boohoohoo… Mommy is so miserable…”

There was a moment of silence on the other side of the call. Finally, the little girl felt sorry for her mother and gave in. “Mommy, please don’t cry. Baby will tell you now: Baby wanted to see Uncle Dimples because Baby wanted to buy him and bring him home for you.”

“Huh?” Her daughter’s words struck her like lightning. She asked again, “Baby, do you really want to buy Uncle Dimples?”

“Yeah, Uncle Dimples is the gentlest and the kindest man I’ve ever seen, He is the most suitable person to become Baby’s daddy.”

Xu Xiyan was very surprised. She didn’t think that her daughter strongly believed in Huo Yunshen. The little girl had apparently reserved the post of her daddy for him.

For a moment, she almost blurted out and told her daughter that Uncle Dimples was her real father!

In fact, the other reason why Ying Bao liked Huo Yunshen was that she liked his dimples. His dimples were just like hers and it made her feel close to him.

Xu Xiyan thought that her daughter was only being naïve. She asked again, “Why do you think Uncle Dimples is good? Are you not bothered by his legs?”

There was a pause at the other end. Then, decisively and firmly, the little girl said, “Uncle Dimples will definitely learn to walk.”

Xu Xiyan snorted a laugh, amused by the little girl’s naivety. If Ying Bao was by her side, she would have immediately hugged her and showered her with kisses.

She was Mommy’s sweet baby girl, all right!

And the man her baby girl liked was also the one she liked too. Isn’t that great?

At the same time, Xu Xiyan deeply believed that a child’s mind is pure and innocent. They always meant it when they said what they like or dislike. Their opinions were rarely affected by external conditions.

Perhaps Ying Bao saw Huo Yunshen as a perfect father. It had nothing to do with his wheelchair.

At the end of the conversation, Xu Xiyan told her daughter to wait patiently for a few more days. After she had settled her work, she would take her to see Uncle Dimples.

After hanging up the call, Xu Xiyan let out a long sigh of relief. She then closed her eyes, the image of Huo Yunshen appearing in her mind.

She could imagine the three of them being together as a happy family.

How wonderful would that be!

She really looked forward to that. When would be a good time to tell him about Ying Bao?

Perhaps she should at least wait until after tomorrow—after dealing with the trouble in Yunhai Entertainment.

She wondered what Huo Yunshen had come up with. How was he going to deal with Huo Jingtang tomorrow?

The next day, in the Yunhai Entertainment Building, an extraordinary

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