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Thanks to Mrs. Dong’s connections, her grandfather’s admission procedure went very smoothly. The fees were charged on a quarterly basis and the price was similar to that of a normal nursing home. It was not as outrageous as she had thought.

Xu Xiyan felt very relieved to have her grandfather live in the best nursing home in Peijing and under Mrs. Dong’s care. She could finish the last few days of her shoot in peace.

The truth was, she had no idea that the care worker and the nursing home had been secretly arranged by Huo Yunshen.

In order to allow her to finish her shoot in peace and let her be free of worries, he had specially arranged Mrs. Dong to be her grandfather’s caregiver.

Later, after getting word from Mrs. Dong, he had Yi Xiao help arrange for her grandfather to be admitted to the Yunrui Nursing Home for his recuperation.

The admission criteria for the Yunrui Nursing Home was high and ordinary patients were not accepted, yet Huo Yunshen was able to let Xu Xiyan’s grandfather be admitted to the nursing home so easily. Not many people knew about this, but he was able to do it because he was the behind-the-scenes investor for Yunrui.

In addition, Huo Yunshen had also cleared the obstacles off Xu Xiyan’s road to stardom.

The voting for a new lead actress for the movie, “Root of Evil,” for instance. Originally, the actress Yang Qiong had a vote count nearly double that of Xu Xiyan’s, and she was fully qualified for the lead female role.

The voting looked normal to the ordinary eye, but Huo Yunshen had spotted something amiss in the voting trend.

He had asked Yi Xiao to investigate, and as expected, Yang Qiong had indeed cheated in the voting.

In the entertainment circle, Huo Yunshen despised those who resorted to unfair means to compete the most. He would never tolerate behaviors such as Yang Qiong’s tampering with the vote count.

Could Yang Qiong still retain her position after evidence of her exploits was handed to the director of “Root Of Evil?”

Huo Yunshen had already left his father’s ward. His sister had come to take care of his father, so he took the opportunity to go to the rehabilitation center for his rehabilitation training.

Huo Yunshen sat on the training equipment and pushed against the support bars with his arms, concentrating all of his strength on his legs.

It was a particularly strenuous action and his clothes were soaked all over with sweat.

However, the result exceeded his expectations. He could feel his legs and he was able to stand up unsteadily.

Qin Kun was standing beside him as he assisted him with his training, encouraging him, “Not bad, Yunshen. Come on, you can do it.”

He saw Huo Yunshen’s effort and persistence. He saw his progress.

It was really great progress. He had thought that it might not be possible for the sensory receptors in Huo Yunshen’s legs to fully recover by the end of the year. But now, Huo Yunshen could already feel hi

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