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Huo Yunshen’s face was serious as he spoke, “From the day I leave office, Yunhai Entertainment will be officially separated from the Huo Group. Yunhai Entertainment will be an independent company and will be responsible for its own losses and profits.

Only by kicking Huo Jingtang out of the Huo Group would it be made easier for him to teach him a lesson.

Huo Jingtang was dumbstruck. Did this mean that he was being kicked out of the Huo family along with Yunhai?

How could Huo Yunshen say that?

What right did he have?

After Huo Yunshen finished, he turned to look at Xu Xiyan.

Xu Xiyan understood his look and placed two letters in front of Huo Jingtang; one was the renouncement letter of Huo Yunshen’s right of inheritance of Yunhai, and the other was his resignation letter.

Huo Jingtang looked up and narrowed his eyes at Xu Xiyan. When she had come in with Huo Yunshen, he had already noticed her.

He had also noticed the way she looked at Huo Yunshen. It was full of feelings of trust and encouragement.

He had never been able to figure out what was her charm and how she was able to attract Huo Yunshen’s attention, but now, he understood.

Because of her, Huo Yunshen was able to climb out of despair and recover his self-confidence, and he also gave up his power and status willingly. This showed that this woman was not to be underestimated.

Xu Xiyan knew that his job was done here and wheeled him out of the conference center silently.

Huo Jingtang was still stunned as he watched them disappear through the door of the conference room.

Was Huo Yunshen serious?

He said that he has gotten what he wanted. What did he mean?

Could it be…

Huo Jingtang rushed out of the meeting room. The two had not gone far. He shouted at them urgently, “Yunshen! Wait!”

Xu Xiyan stopped as she heard him shouting after them. Huo Yunshen did not even turn his head. She represented Huo Yunshen and spoke to Huo Jingtang in his stead, “President Huo, Mr. Huo has said whatever he had to say. Is there anything else?”

Huo Jingtang only narrowed his eyes at her. He went around to the front of Huo Yunshen’s wheelchair and held onto one of the armrests. “Yunshen, we need to talk in private.”

In the president’s office, only Huo Yunshen and Huo Jingtang were present.

Huo Yunshen turned his wheelchair around and looked at Huo Jingtang. There was a chilling calmness in his eyes.“What do you want to talk about?”

Huo Jingtang felt his heart lurch. He could clearly sense that Huo Yunshen was a different person now and felt as if he had made a clean break from him.

He was just like a stranger, looking back at him with eyes completely devoid of any familiarity.

Huo Jingtang had noticed that Huo Yunshen had forgone even the basic courtesy of calling him big brother. His tone was so cold and distant.

“Yunshen, I only wanted to ask, what did you mean by your last words?”

Huo Jingtang’s biggest worry w

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