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Huo Yunshen looked at his sister in awe, as he’d already kept his secret stash of good wine, secretly, in a place that no one would ever think of looking.

Is she a dog or what? Huo Yunshen scolded.

“Of course I do,” Huo Sanyan said. “I know every inch of your house. Anything that’s yours is also mine, right? Since I’m your sister and all. And what’s mine also belongs to Mr. Ye.”

Huo Sanyan was the type of person who would give everything she had to the person she adored.

Huo Yunshen was worried about her, as not many men would like the type of woman she was.

A girl that was sunk deep into love and would do anything for the guy she fell for.

“Mr. Ye, here, some wine,” Huo Sanyan said as she handed Ye Xun the wine and an opener.

Ye Mo took the wine without saying anything and opened it. He poured a glass for himself and drank the whole thing immediately.

“…” Huo Yunshen looked at Ye Xun speechlessly as Ye Xun drank the million Yuan wine like he was drinking a soft drink.

“Let me join you,” Huo Sanyan offered and pour a glass for herself, too.

Xu Xiyan knew that Ye Xun was a person who always cared for his own pride, and meeting Huo Yunshen had made him lose all of it.

That was the reason he was down and allowed Huo Sanyan to drink with him.

Xu Xiyan ignored Ye Xun and spooned some of the food into Huo Yunshen and Ying Bao’s bowls.

“Mr. Huo, eat as much as you’d like,” Xu Xiyan smiled.

“Yeah, you too.”

The food was good, mainly because Xu Xiyan had taken a long time to stew the broth.

It was different from what they could get in restaurants. The broth she had made was from fresh, authentic ingredients.

In Huo Yunshen’s head, Xu Xiyan was the best woman that any man could marry. Not only could she cook, but she could also even fend off bad guys herself.

As Ye Xun sat opposite Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan, all of their lovey-dovey actions were all seen by him, and it made him feel even worse.

All he could do was drown his emotions with alcohol.

After Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan finished a whole bottle, Huo Sanyan jogged into Room 101 and grabbed a few more bottles.

Huo Yunshen shook his head as he saw his own sister trying to calm Ye Xun down. He could not help but sigh at how bad his sister was at courting.

“Come on, little brother. It’s just a few bottles of wine, what are you angry about?” Huo Sanyan said, as she thought Huo Yunshen angry at her for drinking his wine. “Fine, why don’t you drink with us?”

“No thanks.”

Huo Yunshen had been clean from alcohol for a very long time. There was no way he would take the risk of getting drunk in front of the person he loved.

“Are you serious?” Ye Xun, who was a little drunk at that time, scolded. “You’ve already taken away my woman, now you’re refusing to drink with me?”

“Mr. Huo, drink with him!” Xu Xiyan encouraged, scared that Ye Xun might spout something serious.

Huo Yunshen nodded. There was no way he wo

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