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A wave of murmuring came from the attendees down the table. The shareholders who were supporting Huo Yunshen had objections and were expressing their disapproval of the re-election.

Huo Jingtang sat at the head of the table, silent as he watched those who were voicing their disapproval.

Very well. He shall remember those who were opposing. Once he became president, they would be the first to be fired.

His secretary continued, “Forced by such circumstances, Yunhai Entertainment is in need of someone capable to take charge and lead the company forward. If the company continues to be this disorganized, I believe that in one or two years, Yunhai will collapse on its own without interference from the outside world. Is this the outcome that everyone wants to see?”

While the secretary was still explaining, someone barged into the conference room. It was none other than the director of Yunhai Entertainment’s Public Relations department, Huo Sanyan.

Furious, she strode in towards Huo Jingtang and jabbed a finger at his nose.

“Huo Jingtang! What do you think you’re doing? Are you trying to remove Yunshen by holding this general meeting?”

In the past few days, Huo Sanyan had been going back and forth between the hospital and the company. She had been too busy to realize what was going on.

But she had sensed that something was wrong with the company. If the staff from her department hadn’t informed her, she wouldn’t have learned that Huo Jingtang was holding a general meeting without the consent of her grandfather, father, and brother.

“Director Huo, you’re not supposed to be here. Leave!” Huo Jingtang ordered her, with a voice that sounded as if it held the authority of a president.

“No, I’m not leaving! Huo Jingtang, you better have a good explanation! Is this how you handle affairs? Though Grandpa and my father are not here, my brother is still around. Since when was it your turn to become so rampant? Who do you think you are?”

Huo Sanyan placed her hands on her hips, showing off her superiority over Huo Jingtang. After all, unlike him, she was a legitimate child of the family. She was not going to let them have this meeting in peace.

“Mind your words, Huo Sanyan. I am currently the vice president of Yunhai and presently carrying out the president’s duties. If I am not qualified, who else is?”

Huo Jingtang narrowed his dark eyes as he stared at Huo Sanyan. His eyes were full of warning.

Huo Sanyan was not afraid of him. She pointed at his nose and cursed, “You, you treacherous man! You’re just like a usurper from feudal times and you have the savage heart of a wolf! I knew you were up to something rotten! Father is in a coma, Grandpa is hospitalized, and Yunshen is disabled. Is this how you plan to usurp power? While they’re down and at a disadvantage?

“Huo Sanyan, there’s no place for your words here!” Huo Jingtang sneered, then immediately decreed, “Huo Sanyan, from this day, you’re fired.”

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