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Is she embarrassed because she saw this? Huo Yunshen asked himself. Shit! This is going to leave a bad impression on her.

Just as Huo Yunshen was cursing at himself, Xu Xiyan returned with a set of new clothes. She’d brought him a button down shirt because of the state of his hands.

Huo Yunshen put on the white shirt, and it instantly made him look more attractive.

Xu Xiyan helped him button his shirt, leaving the top two unbuttoned.

“Very charming,” Xu Xiyan complimented after taking two steps back.

“Thank you,” Huo Yunshen smiled. Her compliment was even sweeter than candy.

He was feeling much better, even the pain of his wounds had lessened.

“Have you eaten?” Xu Xiyan asked as she pushed him out of the bathroom, but did not wait for him to reply. “There’s an 80% chance that you haven’t. Why don’t we eat together?”

“Okay,” Huo Yunshen nodded happily, as he missed her foods.

Xu Xiyan pushed him back to the living room, got a glass of water for him and went into the kitchen.

She opened the fridge only to find just a few ingredients left in it.

“Mr. Huo, why don’t we go to my place?” Xu Xiyan asked. “There are more ingredients there.”

“Sure thing,” Huo Yunshen replied. I’ll go wherever you tell me to, even if it’s hell.

Xu Xiyan smiled at him and pushed him through the crystal door and into Room 102.

She helped Huo Yunshen to the couch and went into her own kitchen.

After she’d finished cooking, she went to the living room to call for Huo Yunshen only to find him sleeping on the couch.

“Mr…” Xu Xiyan wanted to wake him but did not do so. She understood that he was under immense pressure and had been rushing in and out of the hospital for the past few days.

She decided to let him sleep as much as he wanted.

Xu Xiyan went into her room and found a blanket for Huo Yunshen. She laid the blanket over him and kneeled beside him, looking at him with her gentle eyes.

She could only stare at his handsome face without any worries when he was asleep.

Even though Huo Yunshen was thoroughly spent, it still did not mask his charming face.

Xu Xiyan reached out her fingers and touched his eyebrows.

He’s really good looking. It would be best if I could look at him every day.

Xu Xiyan could feel her eyelids getting heavier as she appreciated the charming man in front of her.

As the sky became darker and the street lamps turned on, the house remained dark.

Huo Yunshen was having a nightmare. It was a reflection of the life that he’d been having up until then.

He found himself deserted in the wilderness, and the last person to leave him alone was Xu Xiyan.

“I’m leaving, Mr. Huo,” Xu Xiyan said as she cried.

“Where are you going? Are you going to leave me alone too?” Huo Yunshen asked in pain. It was his first time to see her in such a saddened state.

“Why should I stay? Did you ever care for me? What am I to you?”

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