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“You are actually playing a female character? What the hell, man?” Ye Xun shouted at Huo Yunshen in disdain, trying to regain his pride.

“What’s wrong with that?” Xu Xiyan laughed. “I’m playing a male character, too. Oh, by the way, didn’t you just sent a marriage request to Yun Qing?”

“I…” It was as if someone had slapped Ye Xun in the face.

“F*ck! That’s it! I’m not playing this game anymore!” Ye Xun shouted.

“Hey, don’t curse in front of the child!” Xu Xiyan scolded. “Just uninstall it if you don’t want to play it anymore.”

Xu Xiyan looked at Ye Xun as if she was telling him to not blame it on the game if he was afraid of losing.

“Fine! I’ll uninstall it!”

But Ye Xun did not press the uninstall button.

“Ha! Do you think I’m that stupid?” Ye Xun laughed. “There’s no way I’m uninstalling it when I’ve climbed my way up to the second spot!”

Huo Sanyan suddenly rushed out from the kitchen and shouted, “What’s going on? The Royal Alliance? Who’s the second best player in the whole game?”

It was as if she’d heard big news as she had a huge smile on her face.

“Ye Xun!” Xu Xiyan announced.

“You’re him? You’re Yiye Zhiqiu?” Huo Sanyan gasped as he looked at Ye Xun with her starry eyes.

“Yeah, so what?” Ye Xun said proudly. Even though he was the second, it was still a huge feat.

“Oh, my husband! I’ve missed you!” Huo Sanyan screamed as she rushed over and hugged Ye Xun.

“What the hell? Who’s your husband?” Ye Xun said as he pushed Huo Sanyan away.

“You! Did you forget me? I’m Guanfang Renzheng Xiaoke’ai!” Huo Sanyan said.

Guanfang Renzheng Xiaoke’ai? Ye Xun looked at Huo Sanyan as all of his hairs stood up. “You’re Guanfang Renzheng Xiaoke’ai?”

“Yup!” Huo Sanyan replied happily. “Don’t you think fate works in mysterious ways?”

“…” Ye Xun was speechless. He could feel his life slowly being depleted away.

All of his hard work, gone in the hands of the Huo siblings.

Ye Xun had married Guanfang Renzheng Xiaoke’ai in the game to complete a mission.

He instantly canceled the marriage after the event was finished, but Guanfang Renzheng Xiaoke’ai kept bugging him after that.

Now that Yun Qing had finally divorced Gongzi Yaoyue, he’d learned that she was Huo Yunshen’s character.

“My husband…” Huo Yunshen had finally found Yiye Zhiqiu. What was more was that the ex-husband in the game and Ye Xun were the same person. It was as if God was looking over her shoulder.

She’d finally found her calling: to win over Ye Xun’s heart.

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