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“Huo Yunshen, listen well,” Ye Xun muttered. “If not for you, Xiao Xixi would’ve been with me by now. You took away my woman.”

Xu Xiyan shook her head, afraid that Ye Xun might spout some nonsense.

“Stop it,” Xu Xiyan said as she put vegetables into Ye Xun’s bowl. “Eat something.”

“No, I’m not stopping,” Ye Xun scolded as he stood up with the wine in his hand. “Why are you so lucky? I’ve been waiting for her for five years, and she suddenly decided to follow you without asking anything in return. How did that happen? I don’t think you’re even better looking than me…”

Xu Xiyan already had her hands over her face, trying to hide her awkwardness. Stop it… You’re very handsome, I’ll give you that. But to me, no one would be better than Mr. Huo!

Huo Yunshen remained calm as he stared at the man who wasn’t willing to give up.

“You’re drunk, stop it,” Xu Xiyan said worriedly, afraid that Ye Xun would do something stupid. She quickly rushed to his side and tried to put him back into his seat.

But Ye Xun pushed Xu Xiyan away. He fell onto the ground in front Huo Yunshen and hugged his legs.

“What are you doing?” Xu Xiyan shouted, worried that he might harm Huo Yunshen.

Everyone had their eyes on Ye Xun, who was hugging Huo Yunshen’s legs tightly.

“But what can I do? You’re my boss,” Ye Xun said. “I give up, I won’t come between the two of you anymore.”

“…” Xu Xiyan looked at Ye Xun. What did he just say? Since when did Huo Yunshen become his boss? He’s definitely drunk.

Huo Yunshen continued to stare at Ye Xun. He wanted to tell him that it wouldn’t matter if he gave up or not, whatever he chose to do would never change the relationship between him and Xu Xiyan.

He wanted to tell him that Xu Xiyan was already his woman, that he had already won.

“Miss Huo, a little help?” Xu Xiyan asked as she tried to pick Ye Xun up. She was terrified of what Ye Xun might do next and decided to not let it happen.

Huo Sanyan came to Ye Xun’s side and pulled Ye Xun away from Huo Yunshen with Xu Xiyan.

“He’s drunk,” Xu Xiyan said as she looked at Ye Xun who wasn’t able to stand still anymore. “Let’s get him back.”


The two women carried Ye Xun back to Room 104 and threw him onto his bed.

“Miss Huo, I’ll have to go back and take care of them,” Xu Xiyan said while Ye Xun lay on the bed unconsciously. “About Ye Xun…”

“Don’t worry, leave him to me.” Huo Sanyan was willing to take care of Ye Xun as if it was her responsibility.

“Okay, thank you,” Xu Xiyan said and went back to Room 102.

Only Huo Sanyan and Ye Xun were left in the room.

“Do you want some water?” Huo Sanyan asked.

“Hot…” Ye Xun muttered as he undid the top button of his shirt. He was heating up from the alcohol that he’d consumed. Huo Sanyan reached out her hand and helped him unbutton his shirt.

With the shirt unbuttoned and pulled to the side, Ye Xun’s muscular chest and perfect abs were in full view.

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