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After picking up Ying Bao, Xu Xiyan went to the market and bought many fresh ingredients before returning to Shengshi Yujing.

She planned to make a nutritious steamboat in the evening. After returning to her apartment, Xu Xiyan let Ying Bao play in the living room and went to the kitchen to make bone soup.

The bone soup contained a lot of calcium which was helpful to the recovery of Huo Yunshen’s leg bones. She had also added several valuable Chinese medicinal herbs into the soup to strengthen the effect.

At about five o’clock in the afternoon, the soup was ready. Xu Xiyan began to prepare the ingredients for the steamboat.

While she was in the kitchen, the doorbell rang. Thinking that it must be Huo Yunshen, Xu Xiyan told Ying Bao to go open the door.

Ying Bao hopped down from the sofa and ran to the door with her little bare feet cheerfully. She opened the door, then blinked her large eyes. “Uncle Tree-leaf?”

Ye Xun did not expect to see Ying Bao at her mother’s place today. He bent over and picked her up. “Oh, my dear daughter is here! Did you miss daddy?”

Ying Bao thought for a while before answering him earnestly, “Erm… a little I guess.”

Ye Xun deliberately teased her as he carried the little girl into the house, “Why only a little? Who did you miss very much then?”

Ying Bao tilted her little head as she replied, “Uncle Dimples.”

“Uncle Dimples? Who’s that?” Ye Xun asked absentmindedly.

“Uncle Dimples is an uncle with dimples, of course,” said Ying Bao matter-of-factly.

Huo Yunshen’s dimpled face suddenly flashed across Ye Xun’s mind and he felt the hair behind his neck bristling.

“Hey, you little rascal! Are you betraying me now? You actually like someone else now? Are you going to abandon your father?”

Ye Xun was beginning to fume. He had accepted that he would not have the woman he liked, but now, even the daughter he had raised himself did not love him anymore. Oh god, why?

“Why would I do that? You’ll always be my favorite Uncle Tree-leaf!” The little girl comforted him.

“Then, what is my position in your heart?”

“You’re Number 1,” Ying Bao said, lifting a finger. Ye Xun was satisfied by her answer before the little girl added another sentence. “After Baby has a daddy, Uncle Tree-leaf can only be Number 2.”


Ye Xun felt like spitting a fountain of blood.

In the online game they were playing, he had always been Number 2, pressed behind by the Number 1 player “Yun Qing.” He was very displeased about it.

He didn’t want to be Number 2. Never!

Xu Xiyan heard voices coming from the living room and came out of the kitchen joyfully. Her smile stiffened on her face when she discovered it was Ye Xun who was in the house. “Why have you come?”

Ye Xun placed Ying Bao gently standing on the sofa and looked at her. “It was Huo Sanyan who forced me to come. It’s not like I wanted to.”

Ye Xun had to make up an excuse because Xu Xiyan had been treatin

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