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Xu Xiyan had insulted Zhao Ruiqi without any cursing, which shut her up.

Xu Xiyan was smart, so any person who tried to insult or argue with her would only find themselves on the losing side.

Xu Xiyan walked past Zhao Ruiqi and went into the makeup studio.

As Linda applied Xu Xiyan’s makeup, she explained everything that had happened on the day after she’d collapsed.

“Ma Haodong scolded Huang Guoqiang?” Xu Xiyan asked in disbelief.

“Yup. He said that the director is trying to murder you.”

Linda had already befriended Xu Xiyan, so they would discuss a few matters from time to time. “Looks like he’s really worried about you. You’re so lucky that you’ve found yourself such a good boyfriend.”

“Come on, you’re mistaken. We’re just really good friends,” Xu Xiyan laughed. “But I never would’ve thought that he would scold the director because of me.”

What is he thinking? Is he trying to ruin his career?

Doesn’t he know what will happen if an actor gets on the director’s bad side?

If not for Linda, Xu Xiyan would have had no idea what had gone down after she fainted that day.

“Wait, did you also say the movie was almost canceled?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“Duh! Without the director, everything would have to stop. If Chu Yuhe hadn’t gone and asked him to come back, they might’ve had to stop the whole thing.”

Xu Xiyan could not help but praise Huang Guoqiang’s boldness in challenging the investor.

He did not try to cover the whole thing up. Instead, he took it up with Chu Yuhe and threw everything behind.

Huang Guoqiang was definitely a director with principles.

Xu Xiyan went to look for Huang Guoqiang after all her makeup had been applied.

Huang Guoqiang was discussing the script with the writer when Xu Xiyan walked up and greeted them.

Huang Guoqiang saw that it was Xu Xiyan and stopped what he was doing. “Oh, Jing Xi! How’s your health? I wanted to send someone to check up on you at the hospital, but they told me that you’d already left.”

“Thank you for your concern, I’m fully healed and ready to work,” Xu Xiyan smiled. “I’m sorry for causing you and the crew all that trouble.”

Huang Guoqiang did not fully blame Xu Xiyan for everything that had happened and said, “It’s fine. I guess someone wanted to get back at you for slapping Xu Xinrou so much last time. That’s what this line of work is like sometimes; the strong prey on the weak.”

Huang Guoqiang did not suspect that Xu Xiyan had a relationship with Huo Yunshen but instead knew in his heart that Chu Yuhe did what he did that day to avenge Xu Xinrou.

“I understand,” Xu Xiyan said.

“Since you’re still a rookie, try to proceed with caution,” Huang Guoqiang added. “Don’t try to challenge things that are out of your league.”

“I will. Thank you,” Xu Xiyan said, smiling as she left.

Huang Guoqiang watched her back as she went and thought…

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