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He’s so gorgeous!

She would be lying if she said she wasn’t swayed by seeing this devilishly handsome man every day.

“Mr. Huo, I promised that I would help you with acupuncture starting tonight. Let me dry your hair first!”

Xu Xiyan forced herself to calm her beating heart. She put the acupuncture kit on the bedside table and went to look for a hairdryer.

The hairdryer hummed loudly as she dried his hair for him. Huo Yunshen did not want to trouble her. “Let me do it myself.”

“It’s okay, this is easy work.”

Xu Xiyan insisted on drying his hair for him. Her fingers were gentle as she ran them through his hair. It was a nice feeling for him.

It was such a comfortable feeling that Huo Yunshen closed his eyes to enjoy her touch. He suddenly had a strange notion: if he had long hair, she would spend even more time drying it. Wouldn’t that be great!

After drying his hair, Xu Xiyan turned off the hairdryer and pushed his wheelchair toward the bed. “Mr. Huo, please lie down on the bed.”

Huo Yunshen was feeling a bit embarrassed. “Do I need to change my clothes?”

“No, it’s better to take them off for massage and acupuncture!” Xu Xiyan said, looking very professional in her white coat. She regarded herself as a doctor and was treating him as a real patient.

Take them off?

Huo Yunshen was somewhat unsure. Would he need to take off his pants?

Xu Xiyan had probably noticed his doubts and told him, “Just take off your bathrobes. Do you need my help to lift you up?”

“No need.”

Huo Yunshen held onto the support beams by his bed and applied a little force with his arms. He moved his body onto the bed and then lay down on it.

Xu Xiyan took out her acupuncture tools. She had a set of silver needles that her grandfather had given her and she usually carried them with her.

After disinfecting the needles, she began to press Huo Yunshen’s body with her fingers to find the acupuncture points.

Acupuncture was a method of treatment in Chinese medicine. It was complicated and difficult to learn, and one mistake could paralyze a healthy person.

However, since Xu Xiyan was young, she had learned the acupuncture points from her grandfather and mastered the method of acupuncture and moxibustion therapy from him.

From the Shanzhong point, then the Tianshu point, the Zhongyuan point, the Qihai point… All the main points of the body must have a needle applied to them.

She applied the needles gently, like a dragonfly treading on water, swiftly moving from point to point. Only when the needle pierced his flesh could Huo Yunshen feel the numbness.

“Does it hurt?”

“A bit.”

“Is it numb or painful here?” Every time she placed a needle at an acupoint, she would ask him how he felt.

“A bit numb.”

“Now?” More needles were placed at the acupoints on his legs.

“I don’t feel anything.”

Even if he did not feel anything, it was still necessary to apply the needles to stimulate the

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